Piranhas Rock the SMAC Fall Invite

Piranha swimmers rocked the SMAC Fall Invite in Waynesboro November 20-22.  Collectively, LY swimmers dropped over 300 seconds – that’s 5 whole minutes!!! We swam 42% best times (80 out of 190 events) and had 20 first-time races.  One swimmer dropped time in every event he swam – Ryan Frasier who managed the feat over 5 events.  The single biggest drop came from Brendan Whitfield who improved by 11 seconds (almost 13%!) in his 100 back.


Ryan “The Thrilla” Frasier dropped time in all 5 of his events including a 7 second drop in the 100 back and a 4 second drop in the 200 free.  Joshua “Lightnin’” Smith raced every event and it showed! He dropped over 4.5 seconds in his 100 back, 3 seconds in his 100 breast and almost 8 seconds in his 100 IM.


Jack “The Knife” Mills put in a solid overall performance but showed how he’s been working to improve his breast stroke as he sliced almost 3 seconds off his 100 breast as well as his 100 IM times. Megan “Never Say Die” Montgomery swam well in 5 events despite a shoulder injury that kept her from racing at the level she enjoys.  Matthew “Smooth Operator” Murray makes racing look easy as his deceptively smooth stroke tricks the eye into believing he’s not as fast as he is. Matthew chipped away at his times in almost every event he swam.  Evan “The Maniac” Schonfelder swam 3 new events in competition and dropped time in the others including an almost 1.5 second drop in the 50 free.   Sage “Don’t Say I’m Sick” Searwar swam on Saturday and despite my fear that he had been fighting a bug earlier in the week, he rocked the 100 back for the first time in competition and even dropped time in his 100 free.  Kyle “Too Old to Sprint” Sennett chose his 12th birthday to swim his first 1000 in competition, clocking an impressive 13:19.02! And not only did he swim the 1000, Kyle also dropped almost 5 seconds in his 500 free and almost 3 seconds in his 200 free.  Cameron “Swimmin’ Sick” St. Clair pushed through as long as he could on Saturday before deciding he could not swim any more and called it a day. But despite feeling so badly, Cameron’s times were not that far off and he even showed how he’s been improving his breast stroke form.  Abby “Stealth Mode” Walker unassumingly dropped 3.5 seconds in her 100 backstroke and over .5 second in the 50 fly as well as swimming her first official 200 breast and 200 IM in competition.  Sydney “Vicious” Walker came on Saturday prepared to kick it as she swam her first competition 200 IM in an impressive 2:54.12. Her dedication to detail also showed in her improved backstroke form. Brendan “Da Bomb” Whitfield dropped so many seconds he had himself a minute! 33 seconds in the 500 free; 12 seconds in the 100 fly; 11 seconds in the 100 back; 7 seconds in the 200 free. And he swam his first 200 breast in competition.

Varsity Group

Joshua Bodine had several good races, particularly his 200 back where he dropped 5 seconds. He also swam his first mile in competition. Colby Childress dropped time throughout the meet including a four second drop in his 200 fly with improved technique. Because of her work ethic and determination, Ellie Eckert chopped 5 seconds off both her 500 free and her 200 back. This was Tara Enneking’s first meet after recovering from a bad bicycle accident and subsequent surgery.  She proved she is on her way back with near best times in the 100 back and 100 free. JT Lotz swam his first mile in competition, and his hard work in practice paid off with a four second drop in the 200 IM. Daniel Murray smartly paced his 200 free and took off 2 seconds. Brandon Naylor swam near personal bests in the 200 IM, working on keeping his toes up in the backstroke, and 200 fly, using improved breathing technique. Austin Orange worked on his breaststroke breakouts and swam near best times in both the 100 and 200 breaststroke. Connor Sauls had a near best time in the 200 IM with longer strokes out front in the fly, and he swam his first mile in competition. Good attendance and attention to technique in practice paid off for Morgan Whitfield as he dropped a total of 31 seconds during the meet, including a 9 second drop in the 500 free. Congratulations Varsity swimmers!



Brendan Murray stepped up in a big way with 6 lifetime best swims including his first time ever swimming the 1650 free.  He paced it like a veteran though, demolishing his goal time.  Lexi Plogger, Sutton Schonfelder, and Ashley Sennett all delivered a personal best time and oodles of season bests.  Lexi raced from the outside lane in nearly every event, giving the top-seeded swimmers all they could handle.  Ethan Navarro won every race he swam, often in dominating fashion over his closest competitor.


Great meet, everyone!  Onward to the HOKI meet!