Maryland LMSC Coaches Stipend Program


The Maryland LMSC coaches stipend program supports coaches interested in completing USMS training opportunities as follows: 

•  One person per club per year per certification,

•  Must request and be approved prior to attending, and

•  Stipend payable upon proof of passing (the coaching certificate).

The amounts for the coaches’ stipends are as follows:

•  Level 1 & 2 (combined): $75.00

•  Level 3: $75.00

•  Level 4 or 5: $100.00 each (maximum)

We are offering a total of five stipends per year as well for each category:

•        Level 1&2 up to five available per year

•        Level 3 up to five available per year

•        Level 4 or 5 up to five available per year

The maximum amount each year to support this effort is $1,100 per year.  If your coach is interested receiving a stipend for USMS training opportunities, please send the Maryland LMSC Coaches Chair an email and cc: the Maryland LMSC chair