Lexi Gray and Evan Weller Elected Athlete Representatives

Dateline St John, Indiana

At this years Illinois YMCA State Swimming Championship swimmers 14 and over for the first time were able to elect voices to represent them on the Illinois YMCA State Committee.  Each District was able to nominate one Female and one Male athlete from their district to be placed on the ballot.   Each swimmer at the meet that was 14 years old or older was given a ballot by their coach and was allowed to cast their vote.  On Sunday during the preliminary session the votes were counted and in a tightly contested race Lexi Gray and Evan Weller were elected.  Each will serve a 2 year term on the state Committee and are voting members.

Swimmers will be able to reach out to Lexi and Evan by email at: for Lexi and for Evan to share their thoughts and views.