April Swimmers of the Month

National- Logan Holt
Logan had an excellent month of training and has taken to spring practices with a high degree of focus.  His attendance has been impressive and he has been giving it 100% day in and day out.  I am looking forward to Logan's long course season.  Congrats!

Senior- Abi Sheridan
Abi has been working extremely hard at practice.  She has been absolutely attacking her kick sets and working on her skills, such as her underwater dolphin kicks.  Her attendance has similarly been impressive both for swimming and drylands.  Keep up the great work!

Gold- Matt Greer
Matt entered the Spring Session with a greater focus and drive than ever before.  He has consistently been leading his lane and has had two very impressive test sets.  His kicking has greatly improved and he continues to work hard at his underwater kicking. I know Matt is setting himself up very well for an impressive long course season.  Great job, Matt!

Silver- Kira Colarusso
After a strong winter session, Kira has really come into her own this Spring.  She showed great dedication and attention to detail as we got back to the basics with stroke technique and drills, and her hard work has paid off.  We have seen great improvement, not just in her strokes but also with the intensity she has brought to practice.  She is well on her way to making one of the fastest transitions from our lane 3 group up to our lane 1 group, as well as becoming a leader amongst the Silver swimmers.  Kira had a great showing at PAAC's All Sprint Meet with numerous lifetime bests, and we are certain that her improvement and hard work will continue in the coming months.  Way to go Kira!

Bronze- Hyunwoo Kim
Hyunwoo had a fantastic championship season, earning 8 personal bests and 4 Silver cuts at the two meets he attended; the Bronze Champs and the Silver Champs. The success he achieved in March was the springboard for his renewed commitment and determination to get to the next level. Since the start of the Spring session in April, he leads the Bronze Group with the most practices attended. He can often be seen leading the lane as he develops his leadership skills. At the Sprint Meet, he achieved 2 personal bests, plus a Silver cut in the 100 Breast. 

Stars- Natalie Molnar
Natalie has shown great improvement over the last year and even more over the last few weeks. She has taken the time and dedication needed in  developing her stroke technique and skills. Her hard work every day at practice has truly paid off. Natalie is one of the top attendees which contributes to her ability to now swim over 1000 yards with ease! Natalie will be competing in one of her first swim meets next month and I'm very excited to see all her hard work come together. Congrats Natalie!!

Instructional- Hailee Specht
Hailee has had a great start to the spring session. She has improved greatly in the short few weeks, not only in the development of her strokes but also with her focus. She has taken a leadership role in the group and has become the go to for demonstrations during practice. I know Hailee will continue to succeed with her talent and attitude. Congrats Hailee!!