So what is this Dolphin System Thing?

So what is this Dolphin System Thing?

We now have 3 teams (BAAC, Joppatowne & Arena Club) in the league using Dolphin for all of their home meets. The league has gotten many questions about it so this information is designed to help parents understand what it is.

What is Dolphin?

Dolphin is a wireless Semi-automatic timing system. This means that the start of the device or timing is initiated by the same electrical signal from the starting buzzer thus removing the human element of timing from one end of the equation. When used this is the PRIMARY timing device. The use of manual stop watches is the back-up system.

Is Dolphin new?

Dolphin is not new it has been around for about 8 years.

Is Dolphin more accurate?

Yes, the more you remove human reaction time from a timing system the more accurate it becomes.

Where else might I see Dolphin?

HCPS High School swimming has been using Dolphin for 7 years now when not using touch pads.

Don’t electronics fail sometimes?

Yes, that is why there are manual stop watches as a back-up. Once a team running meet manager gets good at running it the mistake rate is about .5% or essentially one heat a meet.

How do you know if there is an error with the Dolphin?

USA swimming rules requires that the difference between the Dolphin Time and stop watch time to be greater than +/-.3 to investigate IF a Dolphin error occurred. If there was an error there is a procedure for adjusting the whole heat. It is important to realize if this occurs there is not a pick and choose which time you want. Not all differentials are because of an error by the Dolphin either.

What other benefits to a Dolphin are there?

It allows for the Computer folks to put results in at a faster rate and removes the possibility of typos when entering times.

I want my team to get one, how much do they cost?

They aren’t cheap but not overly expensive. Dolphin is sold by Colorado Timing Systems. Before making a purchase you should have your tech team take a look at one of the systems in use. You should also run an intra-squad meet with it to practice before using it at your first real meet.

Note: Despite its Name… the hand held Dolphin timers are NOT water proof. Please use a lanyard around your neck or wrist to prevent accidentally dropping into the pool!

Authored by Coach Chris Bley...