Fall Registration Dates

I am very excited to get this fall season started, especially with the excitement from the Olympics! My goal is to structure practices to get the most out of our pool space/time. I want each swimmer to be in a group where they feel comfortable and challenged at the same time.

With that in mind, the team will be going through a change in structure this fall. There will be 7 different groups: swim school, developmental, junior, junior elite, senior, senior elite, and national. Please see the attached Group Descriptions for more details.

Please understand that the groups overlap and are not black and white. There is room in each group for advancement. As the juniors and seniors improve, they may start practicing more times a week, use faster intervals, and gradually move up into the junior elite and senior elite groups. Sportsmanship, work ethic, and commitment also play a role in group advancement.

Important dates:

  • Breakers-Masters Mock Meet: July 28, 4-6 at West
  • Current swimmer registration: August 8-12
  • Current swimmer evaluations: August 8,10,11,12 from 5-6:30 at West. *You may only register if you have an evaluation form
  • New swimmer registration: August 15-18. *All swimmers must be evaluated prior to registration
  • New swimmer evaluations: August 15-18 from 5-6:30 at West.
  • REQUIRED Parent meeting with coaches at West: August 23 and 25 @ 6:00. Only need to attend one.
  • First day of practice: September 12.

As always, with this being an Olympic year, we will adapt as needed – but I do want to be consistent with times, days, etc. So as we grow, we may add more practices at the Central pool, but my goal is that the practice times for each group will stay the same.

***Note: If registering for developmental, please choose any two days that work best for you, but they must be consistent.