Junior Olympics Day 3


Junior Olympics - Day 3

Our swimmers continued to be awesome in the pool on day three of the meet. Despite most, if not all, Bison swimmers, coaches and parents sniffling and coughing because of something in the air. Most have decided it is the air quality of the pool area - though the swimmers have risen above that and are all swimming extremely well! And if they can manage to swim like that, we can sit in the stands and cheer them on! And boy have we been cheering - so many exciting races have kept us on out feet.

For the 400 free relays the meet holds mixed relays which allows both male and female athletes from any team to come together to swim on a relay team. This gives teams without enough swimmers to make up a relay team and opportunity to have their swimmers participate on a relay team. Several of our swimmers in different age groups got the chance to swim on these mixed relays - fun way to meet swimmers from others team!

9-10 results
50 Free (F) - Caroline Glover 10th
200 IM (F) - Caroline Glover 6th, Alex Lane 11th, Kailey Nader 12th
50 Back (F) - Caroline Glover 10th, Alex Lane 12th

11-12 results
50 Free (M) - Matt Subieta-Lazarte 15th
50 back (M) - Matt Subieta-Lazarte 16th

13-14 results
50 Free (M) - George Glover vii 1st, Ryan Harris 13th
200 IM (M) - George Glover vii 1st, Ryan Harris 12th, Hayden Burchfield 15th
100 Back (M) - Ryan Harris 13th
400 Free (F) - Jessica Vaughan 14th
400 free (M) - George Glover vii 1st

15-18 Results
50 free (F) - Ryanne Vance 1st, Brynnan Duncan 15th
200 IM (F) - Halee Riley 10th
200 IM (M) - Jake Caldwell 9th
100 back - Halee Riley 2nd, Kierstyn Cleaves 11th
100 back (M) - Ryan Dillow 1st, Matt Townsend 2nd
400 free (F) - Kierstyn Cleaves 13th
400 free (M) - Matt Townsend 2nd
Relay Team results
400 Free Relay
11-12 (F) took 10th (Olivia Lounsbery, Ruthie Riley, Jordan Brenning, Hailey Harris)
13-14 (F) A Team took 9th (Hannah Brenning, Jessica Vaughan, Trysta Duerson, Grace Davis)
13-14 (F) B team took 11th (Kristen Nieves, Rhandall Freeman, Riley Mills, Allie Schein)
13-14 (F) C team took 13th (Rachel vanderkooi, Lauren Gabbard, Lorelei Potter, Rachel Dennison)
13-14 (M) took 2nd (George Glover vii, Ryan Harris, Hayden Burchfield, Brandon Townsend)
15-18 (F) A team took 5th (Ryanne Vance, Brynnan Duncan, Jordan Farmer, Jizelle Childers)
15-19 (M) A team took 1st (Matt Townsend, Jake Caldwell, C.J. Clark, Ryan Dillow)