11 & Over at State

Congratulations to our 11 & Over State Team that participated in this weekend’s State Championship Meet in Las Cruces NM.our swimmers were making their splashes Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the championship meet. The highlight of the weekend was our 11 - 12 Relay team  consisted of Gunner Sweeney, Joe Lewis, Eddie Duran and Estevan Salazar did an awesome job of bringing the team in 4th place in the 200 MD Relay and 5th on the 200 FR Relay . Also our 2 new state Champ Eddie Duran 200 FL and Nathan Hernandez 100 FL and 200 FL did a fantastic job winning those events. 

Individual results:    

Aricela Chavez placed 14th in her 400 FR, 10th 200 BK, 12th 100 FR, 13th 100 BK, 10th 200 FR, 16th 50 BK and 16th 50 FR. 

Gunner Sweeney placed 12th 200 BR, 11th 200 FR, 16th 50 FR,13th 100 BR,14th 50 BR, 13th 100 FR and 7th 400 FR.

Estevan Salazar placed 8th 400 FR, 18th 100 FR, 8th 200 BK, 17th 50 BK, 23rd 50 FR, 16th 100 BK and 16th 200 FR.  

Eddie Duran placed 5th 100 FR, 1st in his 200 FL, 7th 100 BK, 7th 50 FL, 2nd 100 FL, 6th 50 BK and 7th 50 FR.

Nathan Hernandez placed 5th 200 FR, 3rd 50 FR, 1st 100 FL, 10th 400 FR, 4th 1500 FR , 7th 100 FR and 1st 200 FL.

The Tiger Sharks dominated the 200 FL with Eddie Duran taking State for the 11-12 age group & Nathan Hernandez taking State for the 13-14 age group. The coaching staff is very pleased with how well all the swimmers performed at the State Meet a lot of top 10 finishes and personal records were broken.