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Coach Nicole Wins Highest Honors!

Coach Nicole Wins Highest Honors!

September is already shaping up to be an incredible month for Coach Nicole Harmon!  Last week, she was announced as a Top 10 Finalist for ASCA’s Fitter and Faster Age Group Coach of the Year Award.  This award is among the highest honors for coaches who predominately work with younger athletes. Coach Nicole has given so much to the FISH, so thank you to everyone who voted for her, she certainly is deserving of the award and we are all extremely proud of her!

Not only was she chosen as a top coach, but also this week Nicole is headed to Ft. Lauderdale Florida to speak at the ASCA Word Clinic, the most prestigious clinic the swimming world has to offer.  Nicole will give two different presentations while at the clinic; “Being a Young Coach, Coaching Young Athletes” and “The Importance of Racing in Practice.”  Congratulations to Nicole, and best of luck to her as she presents at the World Clinic this week!