AMS Officials 2019-2020 Short Course Meet Sign Up

The Official's Sign-Up for the 2019-2020 Short Course season is now available for the beginning of the season.  Sanctioned meets will continue to be added.

As in the past, the meet sign up is a "one stop" place to sign up for meets for the entire short course season. You can make changes, as necessary. By using this tool, the meet host can see in real time where they satand with officials and identify what holes they need to fill.

To access the sign up sheet, please click here.

Follow these instructions...

1) Click on this link to access the AMS Officials Centralized Meet Sign Up Sheet
2) Browse the tabs at the bottom of the document to find the meet you are looking for. Be sure to click on the correct meet, as this sheet will cover the entire 2019-2020 short course season. Scroll using the left-right arrows next to the tabs if you don't see the meet you are looking for.
3) Enter your Name in the area of your highest certified position (Admin, Referee, Starter, CJ, Stroke & Turn, or Apprentice)
4) On the line where you entered your name, continue adding your relevant information (your club, email, phone, and put an "X" in the columns for the sessions you are able to work. There is also a column where you can leave comments or requests.
5) After you've entered your information the document will auto save and you can close that window or tab on your browser.
6) Training is not guaranteed for any position.  This will depend on the deck being properly staffed and qualified trainers for Referee and Starter signed up for the meet session.