Dekker and Pettifer Selected to Represent Canada at World Cup

Nic Dekker, already a member of the Canadian World Short Course Championship team, has also been selected to attend the World Cup.

The World Cup is a series of short course meets in nine locations across Europe and Asia. Swimmers are not required to participate in every meet, but top scoring individuals at the end of the series split a purse of over $2 million US.   

The series is divided into three clusters. Dekker will be racing in the third and final cluster, moving from Singapore, to Tokyo, to Hong Kong over the last two weeks of October.

Other participants in the World Cup are some of the absolute best in the sport. A quick scan of names includes Chad Le Clos, Cameron van der Burgh, James Guy, Katina “Iron Lady” Hosszu, Emily Seebohm, and Breeja Larson, who have a quite the stack of World Champ and Olympic medals among them.

This series is seen as a chance to “tune up” in preparation for Worlds in December. Dekker will begin to test his preparation against many of the athletes he’s likely to see in Windsor.

Dekker’s long-time coach and Head Coach of the Rapids, Robert Pettifer, has also been invited to attend the event while prepping Dekker.

Pettifer was also named the Swimming Canada Select Coaches Group back in July, due in part to his work with Nic, and in part to his continued development of the Rapids and swimming in BC overall.

The Select Coaches group includes financial support from Swimming Canada for a mentorship opportunity of Pettifer’s choosing, with a heavy emphasis on peer learning and involvement.

Pettifer’s trip to Windsor for World Champs will also be funded, along with his participation in the FINA Gold Medal Clinic prior to the meet’s start.