Weekly Update #6

Hi Everyone,

There are lots of things that I would like say in this weekly update:

1. First off, I would like to say that we swam great as a team over the past weekend at Upper Dublin for the Rocktoberfest meet. There were a lot of great times and a lot of best times that came out of the meet. Everyone who swam at Rocktoberfest should be very happy about how they swam and should be excited for the rest of the season because I know that I am very excited about the rest of the season.

2. Please, please, please, please make sure you look at the volunteer sign-ups for the Boo and sign-up for whatever you can do. The meet will not be able to run without the help of the parents and this is one of our biggest fundraisers for the team. If people do not sign-up shortly, we will have to start assigning spots to people and we really do not want to have to do that. So please sign-up to volunteer for the meet. 

3. I have gotten multiple complaints from other members about the locker rooms. Please tell your swimmers to not have all of their belongings on the benches or all over the floors of the locker rooms. The swimmers can either bring their bags out on deck and line them up against the wall by the hooks or put their stuff in a locker. 

4. I want to remind all the swimmers to bring in their goals for the season so that they can post them up on the board that we have on the pool deck. The swimmers can write their goals down on an index card so that there can be enough space on the board for everyone. The goals do not have to be time based goals, they can be goals to better their strokes or to go to a certain meet during the year.

5. The t-shirts for the swimmers have come in and we will be handing them out at practice this Sunday so try your best to be at practice this Sunday.

6. Also for this Sunday, we will be doing our timed swims. A timed swim is we have the swimmers swim for a certain amount of time and they try to swim as many laps as they can in that time period. With this information, the coaching staff can get a better idea of what their paces are for practice and so we can write a better practice for the swimmers. Coach Raynelle will need some parent volunteers to help count for her White and Blue groups. She will need 6 parents for the Blue group and 4 parents for the White group. If you would like to help, please email Coach Raynelle at rshirk@philaymca.org and she will let you know what you will need to do.


Alex Willcox