Weekly Update #7

Hello Everyone,

There are lots of things that I need to go over for this upcoming weekend and for next week.

1. The warm-up times for the Boo are posted on the team website. You will need to go under the meets and events tab and click the Boo meet. There you will find all of the warm-up times for this weekend. The team entries are also under the meet tab. You can look up what you swimmer is swimming and see if they are on a relay. There were some age groups where either there was not enough swimmers to make a relay or there was an odd number of swimmers and so I was not able to put them in a relay. 

2. I would like all of our parents and swimmers to wear the team shirt this weekend for the Boo. I would like us to look united and supportive of the team. If you have not received your t-shirts yet, please stop by my office either today or tomorrow to grab your t-shirt. You can also grab them Saturday or Sunday as well if you are not able to make it today or tomorrow.

3. There is a typing mistake with the team t-shirt this year. I have informed D&J about this error and they are going to reprint all of the shirts. So once I get those shirts in I will be handing those out as well.

4. Caps and suits are now down in everyones folders down by the front desk. If you ordered two suits, those are located behind the front desk. Also, if you ordered any warm-up gear, those are also down by the front desk.

5. There will be NO practice for Red 3, White, and Blue on Monday from 5-6pm because of Halloween. There WILL be practice for Gold 3, Red 1, and Red 2 at 3:30pm.

6. Thank you to all of the parents who have signed up to volunteer this weekend. This meet would not be able to run smoothly without your help. 

Thanks and I will see everyone at practice and at the Boo this weekend.

Alex Willcox