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Killer Whales Win November Rain Invite

The Ketchikan Killer Whales Swim Club recently returned from Petersburg, competing in the November Rain Invitational.  In addition to Ketchikan and Petersburg; Wrangell, Juneau, Craig, Haines, and Sitka were in attendance.  Overall the Killer Whales had a successful first season meet in Alaska.  On the girls side the Killer Whales finished fourth overall.  The boys team was first overall after the weekend.  With a combined score of 2,823 points the Killer Whales won the meet outright.  Many best times were had by experienced and first time meet travelers.

            The girls team saw a fourth place finish overall with 1,182 points with 8 swimmers representing Ketchikan.  The largest individual time drop seen this weekend was by Vanessa Wood in the 500 freestyle.  Vanessa managed a time drop of 1 minute 20 seconds in her 500 freestyle alone, additionally she managed to drop 9 seconds in her 200 Individual Medley and 50 Butterfly.  Vanessa earned 6 ‘B’ and one ‘BB’ National Age Group time Standards in events she competed in.  Competing in the mile for the first time this weekend Zoe Spencer earned 5 ‘B’ and 6 ‘BB’ National Age Group Time Standards.  Zoe saw her largest time drop in the 500 Freestyle, improving her time by more than 23 seconds.  Over the weekend Zoe managed to win 6 individual events.  In her first travel meet of the season Anna Jones competed in 10 events and managed time improvements in 7 of those.  Anna saw nearly a minute and a half of total time drop, with her largest improvements in the 500 Freestyle and 200 Individual Medley dropping 32.59 and 24.86 respectively.  Competing in her first meet ever Bree Johnson managed to drop time in seven of her events.  Bree earned National Age Group ‘B’ Time Standards in her 50 and 100 Backstroke this weekend, with a second place finish in the 50 Backstroke.  Seeing time improvements in 7 of her 10 events Makayla Harris managed to earn National Age Group ‘B’ Time Standards or higher in all swims but one.  Makayla won her 500 Freestyle and placed second in her 200 Freestyle managing time drops of 9.01 and 3.75 seconds respectively.  Makayla’s largest time improvement was in the 200 Individual Medley where she dropped 13.13 seconds.  Ryan Elerding traveled to Petersburg to compete in the first meet of her life.  Ryan was the youngest Killer Whales swimmer for the weekend and managed best times in 6 of her events.  Over the weekend Ryan earned 68 points for the Killer Whales.  Dropping 1 minute 6 seconds in her 500 Freestyle Ava Elerding saw the second largest single event time drop in the weekend.  Ava was the only swimmer from Ketchikan to drop time in every event she competed in over the weekend.  In total Ava dropped more than two minutes of time between all of her swims.  Rita Burke competed in her first away meet in Petersburg.  Rita managed best times in five of her events over the weekend.  Rita’s largest time drop was more than 9 seconds in the 50 Breaststroke.  

            The Killer Whales boys team consisting of 9 swimmers and managed a first place finish overall in the team standings earning 1,641 points.  Returning to the sport Owen Woodward traveled to Petersburg after his break from swimming.  Owen Earned a National Age Group ‘B’ Time Standard in the 50 Breaststroke and saw best times in 7 of his events over the weekend, with his largest time drop of 27.80 in the 200 Individual Medley.  Swimming best times in 7 of his events Liam Woodward earned 164 points individually, the highest in his age group for the weekend.  Liam managed to win 5 events and placed second in two of them.  The largest time drop of the weekend for Liam was 12.46 seconds in his 100 Freestyle.  Ty Woods traveled to Petersburg to compete in his second meet of the season.  In Petersburg Ty managed to earn the Killer Whales 120 points.  Ty managed to place top five in three of his events this weekend.  In his first meet debut Larry Kuharich managed to earn best times in 9 of his 10 events.  Larry finished in the top three in five of his swims earning the Killer Whales 143 points.  Earning a National Age Group Time Standard in each event swam was Trevor Dash.  Trevor earned 7 NAG 16 ‘BB’ and 4 NAG 16 ‘B’ time standards.  Trevor dropped time in all but four events and placed in the top 3 in every swim in Petersburg.  Evan Dash saw best times in 7 of his events.  Evan managed to win two events and place second in 3 to earn him 194 points for the team, and the highest points earned in his age group.  Of the 30 plus seconds that Evan dropped 10.42 of it was in the 100 Freestyle.  Riley Castle earned first place finishes in the 50 and 100 Butterfly while competing in Petersburg.  Riley saw more than half a minute of time drops with 18 seconds in the 200 Individual Medley. In total Riley earned 134 points for the Killer Whales.  Lucas Buker competed in his second meet of the season in Petersburg while earning 123 points for the Killer Whales.  Lucas’ largest time drop was 5.10 seconds in the 100 backstroke and finished second in the 100 Butterfly.  Over the course of the weekend Levi Buker earned three ‘A’ and eight ‘BB’ National Age Group Time Standards in events swam.  Levi also won six events and placed second in the other six he swam.  Levi scored 145 points over the weekend for the Killer Whales.

            The Killer Whales will be traveling to Juneau this weekend to compete in Southeast Championships.  In addition the Killer Whales will be holding their monthly Time Trial 16-17 December at the Gateway Aquatics Center.  Anyone is interested in attending team hosted time trials or meets.

The Ketchikan Killer Whales Swim Club is always accepting new swimmers to the team of all ages and abilities, for commitments as little as one day a week.  The Killer Whales weekly hold open evaluations Fridays at 5:45 pm for any families interested in getting their children involved in competitive swimming.  Interested swimmers need only have completed level 2 swim lessons.