OTHS Cold Air Temperature Policy

SSST will be following the Old Town Hot Springs Cold Air Temperature and Lightning Policies.

If the air temperature registers at -10 or below for the early morning Wednesday practice from 5:30-6:30 AM we will cancel practice. Please check your Weather Underground app at 5:15 AM to determine if swim practice is on. You can also call the front desk at 970-879-1828 to confirm.

If the air temperature registers at -9 or above at 5:15 AM, practice will be on.

During our winter break, most practices for our older groups will run from 8- 10 AM. If the temperature registers -10F or below 15 minutes before practice time, practices will be canceled or rescheduled for a later time. Please watch for emails or updates on our website. 

You can also call the front desk of the Old Town Hot Springs at 970-879-1828, 15 minutes prior to practice time to see if the pool is open. 

1) Please download the Weather Underground application at

2) In the search bar enter: KCOSTEAM38

3) Check out the weather data. 

Lightning Policy

Even if you see lightning in the valley, please assume that practice will still be held as usual.  Groups may participate in dryland or other technique training inside if they are unable to get in the pool.  Coaches will inform swimmers to call their parents if they will need a ride home at a different time than usual.