Lisa A Figure Competition
Wow! KW provincial stream athletes competed for the first time this season at the Lisa A Figure Competition and finished with satisfactory marks.

Arriving early this morining were Brin and Carol. This is Brin's second season with the club and her first season on the provincial stream track, while Carol is new to the club, sport and provincial level. Their goal was to finish in the 5.0-5.9 range. Brin finished 74th with a score of 52.8088 and Carol finished 111th with a score of 50.6312. There we're 155 athletes in the 11-12 Age groups category. 

Taylor, Danica and Nadia are returning athletes competing in our 10&under Figure category. Nadia finished 18th with a score of 55.4000. Danica finished 42nd with a score of 52.7334. Taylor finished 54th with a score of 51.5602. Nadia and Danica received their first 6.0 & 6.1 scores and made it to the first page in overall results. Which means Coach John needs to bake cookies. A Deal's, A Deal! 

Together they received the Best Execution Awards for the LTAD Land Dance Routine. 

After a log 12 hour day of competing, they will come together to participate in the L2T Clinic with Specialist in Synchro, Dance, and Flexibility. 

Great Job Ladies! Keep up with all your hard work!