FORT Wayne Swim Team well represented at Girls' High School Sectional Meets.

FORT Wayne Swim Team was well represented at the 2017 Girls’ Indiana High School Swim Sectional last weekend.   Here is a brief summary by event.

200 Medley Relay:  Grace Hanna/Vanessa Venderley/Abbie Young/Avery Brooks (Carroll) were Sectional Champions, Jordyn Polderman/Moriah Swardson (Snider) were 3rd place, Sydnee Trahin/Laura Wright/Natalie Yehle (Dwenger) were 4th place and Natalie Hazelet (Concordia) was 5th place.

200 Freestyle:  Mya VanderHagen was 2nd, Gretchen Kraus was 3rd, Veronica Lanta was 4th and Natalie Yehle was 7th.

200 IM:  Mallory Jackson was champion in Sectional record time, Jordyn Polderman was 2nd, Katelyn McCurdy was 3rd, Abbie Young was 4th, Laura Wright was 8th.

50 Freestyle:  Abby Johnston was champion, Avery Brooks was 2nd, Grace Hanna was 3rd

100 Fly:  Abby Johnston was champion, Abbie Young was 2nd, Veronica Lantz was 3rd, Natalie Hazelet was 4th, Moriah Swardson was 7th.

100 Freestyle:  Jordyn Polderman was 2nd, Avery Brooks was 3rd, Vanessa Venderley was 5th, Marissa Kozel was 6th and Taylor Moriarity was 8th.

500 Freestyle:  Mya VanderHagen was champion, Gretchen Kraus was 2nd, Maddy McIntosh was 5th, Sydnee Trahin was 6th, Moriah Swardson was 8th and Marina Dhillon was 15th.

200 Free Relay:  Abby Johnston/Abbie Young/Mya VanderHagen/Mallory Jackson (Carroll) were champions, Taylor Morairity/Moriah Swardson (Snider) were 3rd

100 Backstroke:  Mallory Jackson was champion, Grace Hanna was 2nd, Sydnee Trahin was 3rd, Natalie Hazelet was 4th, Marissa Kozel was 6th and Taylor Morairity was 9th.

100 Breaststroke: Laura Wright was champion, Katelyn McCurdy was 5th, Vanessa Venderley was 6th and Delanee Grier was 8th.

400 Free Relay:  Abby Johnston/Avery Brooks/Mya VanderHagen/Mallory Jackson (Carroll) were Champions in Sectional record time, Taylor Morairity/Jordyn Polderman (Snider) were 3rd, Natalie Yehle/Laura Wright/Sydnee Trahin (Dwenger) were 4th and Natalie Hazelet (Concordia) was 5th.

Also doing very well at her sectional at Jay County was Alyssa Cyrus (Norwell)- she won the 200IM and 100 Back.

Advancing to the State Meet this weekend in Indianapolis were:  Abby Johnston, Abbie Young, Vanessa Venderley, Avery Brooks, Mallory Jackson, Mya VanderHagen, Gretchen Kraus, Veronica Lantz, Grace Hanna, Jordyn Polderman, Laura Wright, Alyssa Cyrus.