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4th Place overall at Age Group State Championships

 GCAT swimmers had a phenomenal meet.  There were so many great swims that it is difficult to summarize the meet.  GCAT has moved into the large team division this year.  That means we are competing with teams that have over 200 swimmers.  The top three teams in the division are from the Atlanta area and have 500 - 1500 swimmers on their respective teams.  Coming in 4th is an amazing accomplishment given that we have just over 200 swimmers total on our team.  

Here is a breakdown of the team's accomplishments:

3 high point finishers in top 3 in their age groups:
1st 10/under girls - Camryn Baraniak
2nd 11 year old girls - Gaby Van Brunt
3rd 10/under boys - John McNamara
17- first place finishes
14- second place finishes
5- third place finishes
35- 4th-10th place finishes
118 Best Times
10/under girls - 1st in 200 free relay, 2nd in 200 med relay
10/under boys - 5th in 200 free relay, 6th in 200 med relay
11/12 girls - 1st in 200 free relay, 2nd in 200 med relay, 3rd in 400 free relay, 4th in 400 med relay
13/14 girls - 11th in 200 free relay, 8th in 200 med relay
13/14 boys - 13th in 200 free relay, 400 free relay and 200 medley relay
Congratulations to all of the state swimmers!