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KKW Finishes 3rd at Southeast Champs

2016 Savannah Cayce Southeast Champs (Juneau) December 2-4, 2016 (12 swimmers)

Lindsay Byron earned 1st place in all of her events, scoring a combined 63 points. She swam best times in the 100 free, 500 free, 50 back, 100 back, and 100 IM, with her biggest improvement in the IM - dropping 3.56 seconds.

Ava Elerding swam a variety of strokes over the weekend, earning her highest place finish in the 100 back at 6th. She contributed a total of 5 points to the team’s score, and dropped time in five events - a total of 36.19 seconds.

In her second travel meet of the season, Makayla Harris scored a combined 16 points over the weekend, with her highest finish in the 500 free at 4th place. She improved her time in four events, with the largest improvement of 20.85 seconds in the 500 free.

Ruby McCue won the 50 free in her 13-14 age group with a 27.39. She went on to accrue 29 points for the team and earn two best times - most notably, breaking the 1:00 barrier in her 100 free with a 59.34.

Sariah Guilford-Smith scored 22 points for the team, earning her highest finish at 3rd in the 50 fly. She also improved her best times in five events, dropping 14.69 seconds total.

Amya Guilford-Smith attended her first travel meet and first championship meet. She earned 14 points for the team, finishing highest at 4th in both the 25 back and 50 back and earning best times in both those events as well.

Zoe Spencer scored 38 points for the team, winning her 13-14 age group in the 50 breast. She also improved four of her best times over the weekend, shaving off 22.03 seconds overall.

Lucas Buker swam four events over the weekend, earning 2 points for the team with his highest finish of 7th place in the 50 fly for a time of 52.55.

Levi Buker earned 1st or 2nd place in nearly all of his events, contributing a total of 57 points towards the team’s score. His largest time drop was in the 1650 free, with an improvement of 35.50 seconds.

Riley Castle swam four personal best times in the 100 free, 50 back, 100 IM, and 200 IM, with his largest drop of 3.58 seconds in the 100 IM. He earned a total of 7 points, with his highest finish of 5th place in the 100 fly.

Trevor Dash scored two 7th place, three 2nd place, and two 1st place finishes, for a combined score of 43 points. He also earned a best time in the 100 IM.

Kyan Klinger scored a total of 43 points over the weekend, winning his 11-12 age group in the 50 fly with a time of 31.67. He swam best times in all seven of his events, with the largest drop in the 200 IM at 17.60 seconds.

In his first championship meet, Larry Kuharich scored 4 points toward the team’s score in the 50 back and 50 fly. He lowered his best time in the 100 back to 1:27.83, an improvement of 3.26 seconds.

Aidan Miller won his 11-12 age group in the 1650 free with a time of 21:54.03, and added 36 points to the team total. Aidan swam five personal best times over the weekend, shaving off 6.87 seconds total.

Ty Woods earned 3 points for the team in the 50 back and 200 IM events for his 9-10 age group. He also improved his best times in two events, most notably by 5.33 seconds in the 200 free.