FORT Wayne Swim Team has great Divisional Meet!

Our Fort Wayne Swim Team swimmers had an excellent Divisional Meet this past weekend.   Congratulations to ALL the FORT swimmers that qualified for this meet and swam awesome!   Listed below are just those that placed in the Top 8 Finals and also those that achieved their Age Group State Meet qualifying times.   (If I missed anyone I apologize, lots of results to go through)

10-Under Age Group:

Asher Augenstein: 3rd-50&100free, 6th-200IM, 8th-50fly

Addison Burrough: 2nd-100br, 3rd-50free, 4th-100back/50fly, 7th-100free,  State times in 50fr/50fly/100br

Evan Bushong:4th-50back/50fly, 5th-100fly

Carson Collier: 4th-200free, 7th-50back/200IM, 8th-100free

Morgan DeWald: 4th-200IM, 7th-100fly

Catherine Greenlee:  4th-100fly

Nathan Gustafson:  7th-50fly

Alexi Harmon:  6th-50br, 8th-100br

Hayden Hoover:  5th-100back

Nathan Marshall:  2nd-50fly, 4th-100free, 5th-100back, 7th-50free,  State Time 50fly

Jackson Morris:  1st-100fr/100fly, 2nd-50free, 4th-200Im/50back,  State Times in 50fr/100fly/50ba

Jaila Morris:  1st-50fr/50ba, 2nd-100fr, 3rd-200IM, 4th-200fr,  State Times in 50fr/100fr/50ba/200IM

Jackson Parrish:  4th-100back, 5th-50back

Ian Sather:  1st-50br & 100br,  State Times in 50br/100br

Julia Strait:  3rd-100fly, 4th-50ba/100ba, 8th-5fly

Katie Williams:  6th-100br/100fly, 7th-200IM

12-Under Age Groups:

Colton Augenstein:  3rd-50fly, 4th-50free, 5th-50ba/100ba

Ryan Bernard:  6th-50br/100br

Maddie Bloom:  5th-200fr, 6th-100fly, 7th-50fly

Alaina Brooks:  1st-50fr, 4th-500fr/50fly,  State Time in 50free

Autumn Bruns:  2nd-100free, 5th-100fly/200IM, 6th-50fly,  State Times in 100fr/200IM

Kenley Garman:  8th-50fly

Charles Gerig:  3rd-100fly, 6th-200IM

Kata Harmon:  2nd-50br,  State Time in 50br

Chloe Hogue:  3rd-200free/200fly, 7th-100breast

Sebastian Lopez:  3rd-50br/100br, 5th-50fly

Natalie Marshall:  2nd-50free, 3rd-100fly,  5th-100free,  State Times in 50free/100fly

Abbie Parrish:  6th-100br, 7th-50back

Ellie Parrish:  7th-100back

Alex Strait:  2nd-50free/50fly,  4th-200IM, 5th-100fr, 7th-200fr/50ba,  State Time in 50fly

Camryn Wright:  5th-50free/50fly

14-Under Age Groups:

Grace Arnold: 1st 1650free, 6th-500free

Collin Cronk:  8th-500free/100fly

Mallory DeWald:  2nd-100ba/200ba/500fr, 3rd-200IM/400IM,  State Time in 200Back

Mya DeWitt:  2nd-100br, 3rd-100fr, 5th-200IM,  State Times in 100br/100fr

Nate Holzhauser:  6th-200back

Madison Lehman:  4th-200br, 7th-100br

Emily McIntosh:  5th-100breast,  State Time in 100breast

Teagen Moon: 3rd-100breast,  State Time in 100breast

Sarah Platt:  8th-200free

Madeline Ritzert:  6th-50fr/100fr,  State Time in 50free

Noah Shearer:  3rd-200back/100breast, 5th-100fr, 6th-100back, 7th-50free

Chloe Strait:  8th-100back

Graydon Sylvester:  5th-200free/500free

Open Age Group:

Logan Baumgardner:  1st-100br/200br, 3rd-200IM, 4th-200free,  State Times in 100breast/200breast

Alex Bowers:  1st-1650free, 2nd-500fr, 8th-200free,  State Time in 1650free/1000free

Avery Brooks:  1st-100br/200IM,  State Time in 200IM

Delanee Grier:  1st-1650fr, 5th-500fr, 6th-200back, 7th-200IM,  State Time in 1650 free

Katherine Gerig: 3rd-1650free, 3rd-200br, 8th-500free

Logan Cronk:  2nd-200back

Shelby Douglas:  4th-100back, 6th-50free, 7th-100free

Mandy Gorsuch:  6th-100breast

Andrie Halley:  5th-100breast

Bradin Heaston:  3rd-200back, 7th-200breast, 8th-100breast

Zach Hyde:  4th-100breast

Kyle Kresl:  3rd-50free/200free, 6th-100free, 7th-100back

Veronica Lantz:  2nd-200IM, 3rd-100breast, 5th-100free,  State Time in 200IM

Isaac Lemley:  2nd-200breast, 6th-200IM

Bryan Lower:  1st-100fly, 6th-100back, 8th-50free

Maddy McIntosh:  2nd-200back

Kayla Sylvester:  7th-500free

Sam Woltman:  2nd-100fly, 4th-50free, 7th-200free