2017 Summer long-course meet schedule announced

The meet schedule for the 2017 long-course season has been posted. To view it, log onto, click on the Team Info tab -->  Meet schedule.

Here are some helpful tips about the meet schedule & meets in general:

  • If your child is new to competitive swimming, you'll likely want to highlight the Marlin Mini Meets on the schedule. These are great introductory meets for younger and beginning swimmers. They are held on weeknights at the Lighthouse and last approximately an hour.
  • Swimmers are not required to enter every meet on the schedule (except team meets – see below). If you are unsure which meets best suit your swimmer, please talk to your child's coach. However, the meet schedule does include a "Who Should Attend" column, which gives you an idea of which training groups are encouraged to attend.
  • If a meet is a qualifying meet, that means that a swimmer must achieve a minimum time in at least one event to be able to attend. These qualifying times will vary based on the meet. You can find the qualifying standard by reading the Meet Book for that event, which will be posted under the Meets/Events page a few weeks before the meet.
  • ALL swimmers who qualify for the following meets are strongly encouraged to attend:
    • Division II Championships: This will be the final meet for many swimmers and a last-chance meet to qualifying for OKS State Champs.
    • OKS State Champs: This is our state’s championship meet, and all qualified swimmers are expected to attend! Meet covers all age groups up to 19. Some additional swimmers may be asked to participate on relays as well.
    • Sectionals, Juniors, Futures, Nationals: These qualifying meets are for our highest-level athletes, and swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend. Please discuss with Coach John.
  • Entry fees for meets are added to your monthly invoice and paid with your monthly dues. Fees vary for each meet.
  • If you signed up your swimmer for a meet, you are responsible for meet fees even if your child does not attend the meet. Unfortunately, host teams do not refund meet fees when a swimmer decides not to attend after the entry deadline. 

How do I register my child for a meet?

Anywhere from three weeks to a few days before a meet, you'll likely receive an email that registration is available. You may also check the Meets/Events tab regularly to see if a meet has been posted and is open for registration.

The meet is open for registration when you see an "Edit Commitment" button next the Meet's name. Click on that button.

If you have more than one swimmer on the team, select a swimmer in the pull-down menu. Then indicate that "Yes, my child will attend." For most meets, you may then choose your child's events. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED! If you do not choose the events, the coach will select them. However, note that the coaches must approve any events you choose and may make changes. In the Notes section, you may indicate notes for the coaches (such as, “My child cannot attend Friday.”)

Parents do not choose events for Marlin Mini Meets. The coaches will.

Hotels for out-of-town meets

We will post information soon about our team hotel for each of the out-of-town meets. You are not required to stay at these hotels, but often we are able to get a discounted rate with our group. This information will be posted under Team Information --> Hotel Information.