Congratulation to all athletes

Hello Swim Team Families.  

A big thank you and congratulations to all swimmers for their commitment and performance this winter season.  A big thank you to parents for making it all possible.  Marshall and I acknowledge the sacrifices from all the families that make our jobs even possible, let alone as rewarding as the past few weeks have been.  Snowstorms, balancing schedules and siblings, timing assignments, meet sign ups, early warmups, and long meet sessions really sum up the past few weeks.  The kids (and parents) really rose to the challenge,  Marshall and I could not be more proud of the results.  

The swimmers handled both successes and frustrations with fantastic sportsmanship.  I hope the past several weeks inspire the kids to push forward into the spring and summer with excitement and intensity of training.  Those that performed well at any meet, and especially at the top levels did so as the result of countless practices and a remarkable level of commitment.  

Congratulations again to all athletes, and thank you to all the parents who make it happen. 

Marshall and Jeff.