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Waukee Rays get the bid!

Waukee Rays get the bid!

Exciting news to share!

At the ISI bid meeting last weekend the Waukee Rays were awarded with our first USA meet on December 9th and 10th. We are very excited as this is an excellent opportunity to share our wonderful facility with the USA swimming community, and it will also be a significant fundraiser for our team.

USA meets are a bit different from YMCA meets. To begin with, USA meets are divided into sessions which are much shorter than Y meets; that aspect is always a parent pleaser laugh. Officials at USA meets have to be credentialed by USA Swimming.

If you are not currently a YMCA credentialed official, there are five steps to becoming a USA official:

  1. Join USA Swimming as a non-athlete member
  2. Complete the Athlete Protection Training program online
  3. Successfully pass a background check
  4. Attend a stroke and turn officials training class (see below)
  5. Complete an on-deck apprenticeship program

If you are currently a YMCA official, you can easily cross certify. You follow the same steps listed above, but you do not need to take the training class (although you are welcome to if you want). While you still must do the apprenticeship, once you demonstrate proficiency you can be granted your credentials without meeting a minimum number of sessions. If you are a Level 2 YMCA official and are interested in obtaining USA Starter or USA Deck Referee credentials, the same basic principles apply but the apprenticeships are a bit lengthier.

As we enter the summer season it is an excellent opportunity to get more Rays parents on deck and officiating as we attend USA meets. That way we can have many Waukee parents officiating at our inaugural USA meet in December.

Upcoming USA Stroke and Turn class – Sunday April 23, 2017 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Johnston, IA 9 am – 1 pm.

If you have any questions or want to attend the upcoming class please contact Shelley Twigg or Art Dinkin.