Mark Olson Meet Recap

Mark Olson Meet Recap



This past weekend, Wave attended the Mark Olson Classic swim meet in University Place at Curtis High School.

Wave had 87 athletes from Explore 1, Explore 2, Challenge 1, Challenge 2 and Achieve 1 training groups who swam in the meet. Our 87 athletes completed 382 races, 58 of those were first time swims, and 235 (62%) of those went for best times.

So lots of good swimming from our athletes!


New USA Swimming Times were made by the following athletes:

Boston Borg- B time in the 200 Free

Aiden Deinhard- B time 100 Breast, B time 50 Free

Ender Hughes- B time 50 Breast

Kohki Kita- B time 50 Back, B time 200 Free

Ananya Krishnan- B time 100 Free

Priyanka Kudallur- B time 100 Fly, B time 50 Back

Ameya Madhugiri- B time 50 Breast, B time 50 Free

Olivia Meverden- B time 100 Breast, B time 100 IM

Ethan Na- B time 50 Back

Shea Skarda- B time 100 Back, B time 100 Breast, B time 50 Back, B time 50 Fly, B time 100 IM

Artur Sobol- B time 100 Breast, B time 50 Breast



Some highlights from the meet by training groups:

Explore 1

Raine Huang (7) had some nice swims in both her 50 Free, dropping almost 8 seconds, and in her 25 Free dropping over two seconds. As I explained to one of our athletes, her name may be Raine, but she brings the thunder and the lightning.


Explore 2

Akshar Parmar (8) swam in his first meet as a Wave athlete, and Maria Koblova (8) had best times in all three of her races.


Challenge 1 JAC

Armaan Mohapatra (10) had all best times, as did Liron Shani (10) who looked vastly improved all weekend.


Challenge 1 RAC

Adhithya Kameshwar (10) swam all best times, as did Vidhi Mehrotra (10), the best of which was a twenty second drop in his 100 Back.


Challenge 2 JAC

Averey Alger (10) , Anouk Balog (9), Boston Borg (10) and Cameryn Brown (10) all looked very strong in the water, and each of them dropped big chunks of time in their races.

Matthew Choy (7) finished second in the 100 IM, and won the 25 Fly. Lindsey Giesen (8) finished third in the 100 IM and won the 25 Free.


Challenge 2 RAC

Lots of good freestyle swims including Allie Bai (8) in the 50 Free, Kounish Bhattacharjee (9) in the 100 Free, Maddy Kelly (9) in the 200 Free, Shriya Palekar (9) in the 100 Free, Anindita Purkayastha (8) in the 50 Free, Keira Swanson (9) in the 100 Free, Pranav Viswanadham (10) in the 200 Free, and Yashi Zeng (8) in the 50 Free. Boris Shakhov (9) had a great meet with nice time drops in all six races.


Achieve 1 JAC

Some really nice weekends for Bryan Hokama (12), Anna Koblova (11), Shelly Netz (11), Shetty Saanvi (11) and Artur Sobol (10) who all had 100% best times. Bryan Hokama had a really nice swim in his 100 Fly showing a lot of improvement with his stroke.


Achieve 1 RAC

Diya Dinesh (12), Declan Johnson (12), Kohki Kita (12), Ameya Madhugiri (12) and Aadhav Saravanan (11) all had 100% best times. Ameya in particular really looked like she had been doing some good work in practice.


Achieve 2

We didn’t have a ton of Achieve 2 athletes at this meet, but the ones who were here did a terrific job, really raced hard, and showed the direction they’re trying to go.

Some outstanding swims from Ori Ami-ad (11) in the 100 Free, Priyanka Kudallur (10) in the 100 Back, Olivia Meverden (10) in the 100 Back and 100 Breast and Shea Skarda in the 100 IM.

Hailey Parent swam her first meet with Wave and did a great job; it was fun watching her race!



Thank you to all the parents who not only got their athletes to the meet, but got them there on time and ready to go. What a big deal that is, and we love that you are willing to do that for them!