2017 CACTUS CLASSIC (Scottsdale, AZ)

This was a very competitive meet, attracting top swimmers from the Western Region (CA, OR, CO, AZ, NM, etc.) and Canada. Northern Aquatic Club had 13 brave swimmers, ranging in age from 9 to 17 years, face off in the 100+ degree temperatures. They were: Natalia Apodaka-Morales (11), Aksel Boukhalfa (10), Isabella Corder (13), Sophia Corder (12), Jasmine DeLeon (15), Nya Fludzinski (10), Henry Lyons (11), Nina Lyons (9), Ethan Manske (12), Brad Moffett (17), Michael Osborn (14), Cece Snyder (12) and Sophia Snyder (14).

The energy and enthusiasm our swimmers showed for each other during the individual races and the relays should be commended. NAC had a serious cheer squad on board! Our small but mighty team placed 3rd overall out of 30 teams. Impressive show. Go Otters!

A highlight of this meet was the Senior 50 Shootout, which pitted the top “11 & Over” swimmers in 50M shootout races (all four strokes) as follows:

Round 1: Top 16 swimmers qualified

Round 2: Top 8 swimmers qualified

Round 3: Top 4 qualified

Finals: Top 4 swimmers face off in a shootout final

There is no doubt that some of these swimmers have Olympic trials in their future. Our swimmers got a glimpse into what it takes to make it at the top level. Really eye opening!



Individual points: swimmers that placed in the top 16 - 20, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Relay points: teams that placed in the top 16 - 40, 34, 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 18, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 

Individual Event Awards: Medals for 1st through 3rd place and ribbons for 4th through 8th place

Individual High Point: recognized the top three swimmers for each age group with the highest total points. 

Team High Point: recognized the team with the highest total points. 


Individual “High Point” Winners

2nd - Ethan Manske  (11-12 Year Boys)

3nd - Aksel Boukhalfa  (10 & Under Boys)


Swimmers with “Over 50” Points

Ethan Manske (12) - 137 points

Aksel Boukhalfa (10) - 121 points

Sophia Corder (12) - 100 points

Michael Osborn (14) - 93 points

Nya Fludzinski (10) - 83 points


Swimmers with “TOP 16” Finishes

Aksel Boukalfa (10)

2nd – 50M Back

2nd – 100M Back

3rd – 50M Free

3rd – 400M Free

4th – 200M Free

4th – 200M IM

6th – 100M Fly

7th – 50M Fly


Sophia Corder (12)

1st – 50M Fly (Zone qualifier)

2nd – 100M Fly (Zone qualifier)

3rd – 200M IM (Arena qualifier)

4th – 400M IM

6th – 100M Free (Arena qualifier)

8th – 100M Back

9th – 50M Free (Arena qualifier)

14th – 200M Back


Nya Fludzinski (10)

3rd – 50M Back

4th – 100M Back

5th – 100M Free

7th – 200M IM

8th – 50M Free

10th – 100M Breast

10th – 400M Free

16th – 200M Free


Henry Lyons (11)

7th – 400M IM

11th – 100M Back

11th – 200M Back

12th – 200M Free

13th – 200M IM

15th – 50M Back


Ethan Manske (12)

1st – 100M Fly (Arena qualifier)

1st – 200M Fly

2nd – 50M Fly

2nd – 200M Back

2nd – 100M Back

3rd – 800M Free (Arena qualifier)

4th – 200M IM

4th – 100M Free

*200M Back Time Trial (Arena qualifier)


Michael Osborn (14)

2nd – 1500M Free (Zone qualifier)

3rd – 200M Free (Sectional Bonus qualifier)

4th – 200M Fly (Zone qualifier)

4th – 200M Back (Zone qualifier)

4th – 400M Free (Sectional Bonus qualifier)

8th – 400M IM (Arena qualifier)

13th – 200M IM (Arena qualifier)


Cece Snyder (12)

5th – 200M Back

8th – 50M Back

9th – 100M Back

10th – 200M Free


Sophia Snyder (14)

10th – 200M Back (Arena qualifier)

13th – 100M Back (Arena qualifier)

*Also qualified for Arena Classic in 400M Free, 200M IM and 200M Free


Swimmers with “100% Best Times”

Ethan Manske (12)


Swimmers with “Stand-out” Performances

Congratulations to our two high point winners: Aksel Boukhalfa (10), and Ethan Manske (12). Both achieved great point accumulation across their events in a tough field of competitorsEthan also had 100% best times, had top 4 finishes in all his events and made three Arena Classic time cuts.

Sophia Corder (12) racked up great points for the team and qualified for both the Arena Classic and for Western Zones in a variety of events.

Michael Osborn (14) turned out some great races, qualifying for the Arena Classic and Western Zones in a variety of events. To top it off, he also qualified (in two events) for Bonus Sectionals. Outstanding!!!


Other News

Three of our swimmers celebrated their Birthdays over the race weekend; two age up to new swimming groups. Happy Birthday to Nya Fludzinski (11 years), Ethan Manske (13 years) and Jasmine DeLeon (16 years).

Thank you to many of the parents who transported other swimmers to the meet this past weekend and parents who volunteered as timers, officials and base camp support. It was a hot one! We appreciate all you do for our swimmers and coaches!

Thank you to our wonderful and tireless Head Coach Miguel Castillo who always goes the extra mile for his swimmers. Your team may be small, but they are mighty. Kicking drills are paying off. Yes!