Open Water Recap

YOTA had an amazing weekend at the 2017 Open Water Championships!

Congrats to these athletes for completing the Poseidon Challenge (5K, 3K, 2K):

Gabi Battaglini, Abby Dease, Kristin Dungan, Lindsey Eddelman, Hannah Elkins, Rebecca Faber, Mia Foglesong, Jay Baker, Stephen Barlow, Gideon Bezuidenhout, Collin Davis, Camden McGovern, Ross Noble, Daniel Pierce, Ben Prucha, John Prucha, Zach Speerschneider, and Felix Tuenker

Congrats to these Top 8 finishers in their Age Group:

15 & over 5K
Will Soleo – 3rd

13-14 3K
Nora Bergstrom – 2nd

11-12 2K
Savannah Xu – 2nd
Kristin Dungan – 6th
Delaney Medins – 7th

Lucca Battaglini – 2nd
Ayden Xu – 4th
Wiley Sikes – 7th

10 & under 800m
Angela Yang – 7th
Lauren Roberts – 8th

Curry Jennings – 6th
Ian Platts-Mills – 7th

Congrats to all on a great meet!

Go YOTA!!!