News for Week of June 19th - June 24th

After this weekend's heat, there is no doubt that summer is here!  2 Meets to wrap up. One more dual meet to host and swim!  Preparations for the 4th of July pool party (on the 3rd) and parade (on the 4th) are well underway and don't forget Champs on July 8th and the Awards Banquet on July 9th!  We always save the best events for last!

Novato Meet Wrap Up

Final score this Saturday was Waves 305 to Riptide 247.  This may be the first to go in our 'official' Win Column this season, but it won't be our last!  WAVES posted 220 best times for just over 351 seconds of improvement!    

Please click here to see complete  Meet Results on the website.  Click here to see a complete report of our team's Best Times.  And, last but certainly not least, check out our very impressive list of swimmers who added their names as All Star Qualifiers before Sunday's All Star meet.  We added 8 new names on Saturday.   Keep up the good work (and practice) swimmers, we're coming into the last 5 yards of the season!  Two more opportunities to show 'em what you can do!

All Star Meet Wrap Up

Congratulations to all Tidalwaves swimmers who swam on Saturday!  All results are in.  Please click here to see complete  Meet Results on the website.  Click here to see a complete report of our team's Best Times.  The deadline to qualify for the All Star Meet may have passed, but those times are still worth striving toward for the rest of the season, as is making the  Top 20 Swims Report.  And did we reach our goal of beating the Orcas with number of qualifiers?  Oh yes we did!  Here is where all the team's ended up in the race for All Star qualifiers.  Special shout out goes to our 8 & Under girls who had the GREATEST NUMBER of All Star qualifiers in the LEAGUE!  We beat Sleepy Hollow by 1, and still have many more that will likely get their All Star times by Champs.  Look out 2018!  Our little ripples will be forming a BIG wave in years to come. 

MSL Team Number of All Star Qualifiers
Sleepy Hollow 104
Strawberry 70
Tidalwaves 52
Terra Linda 50
Marinwood 46
Scott Valley 42
Rolling Hills 36
Lucas Valley 33
Novato 29
SwiMarin 16

Coaches' Note

What a few weeks we've had!!!  3 dual meets, "swim it to win it" competition, Bowling, BINGO, Coaches appreciation week, and All Stars!!  A TIDALWAVE of strikes, blackouts, and a crushing mondo surf of Personal Records! We sure know how to Rock and Roll!
The entire coaching staff would like to thank everyone for the killerpipe of affection, cards, posters, goodies, and very generous $! We feel very blessed to do what we do, thank you.
Three weeks ago, the Coaches challenged the swimmers to set a goal of 1000 sec time drop by Champs. Well, we have exceeded that goal, earning 1224 seconds of improvement in just 3 meets. Way to go, the Coaches Kudo you! Time for another goal...another 300 sec time drop thru Champs?! Our very own Ryan Schoenlein set a new pool record of 49.34 in the 15-18 100 Fr. Congrats Ryan!!  Please save the following dates:
Saturday 6/24 dual meet versus SwiMarin
Monday 7/3 gynormous pool party!
Tuesday 7/4 patriotic  team spirit parade
Saturday 7/8 Champs and
Sunday 7/9 end of season banquet!
We are looking forward to practices that focus on race pace, starts, twbo's*, and fine tuning for Champs.  So hang ten and swim fast!  Go Waves!!
*twbos= turns, walls, breakouts

July 3rd Pool Party and Potluck!

No lane lines, lots of BIG FLOAT TOYS, coaches, games, and OVER $600 in COINS to dive for!  Is there a better reason to reschedule that family vacation so you can attend?  This one is a Tidalwaves staple...and one that returning swimmers re-join the team for!  We do need RSVP's so that we can order the right amount of food for the picnic part of the event (delicious potluck of side dishes is old school, but definitely kicks the event up a notch!)  RSVP by July 1st--on this sign up genius ...we usually have about 175 people for this 'can't miss it' event, so please sign up to bring something if you are coming!    Click here for more event details.  Tadpole graduates welcome!

July 4th Parade

Waves have Spirit!!!   Wave Spirit is loud and proud.  Please come and join your team members to show OUR team spirit in the Larkspur Corte Madera   4th of July Parade.  The theme of this year's parade is “Celebrating the Summer of Love (of Swimming)”.  Tidalwaves have a huge love for swimming!   If you are unable to make this great event, there are other ways to show your team love, come and help decorating the float, or donate candy for team to pass out along the parade route.   Click here for the specific pieces of this fantastic activity that you can sign up forto show your Tidalwaves Summer of Love Spirit!.  Creative kids and parents?  We need their art expertise!  E-mail Jane Fielding for 'piece work' that can be handed out to them!  It takes a true TEAM effort to win FIRST place in the parade!

Questions?  Contact our 4th of July Float Lead, Jane Fielding (

Details for LAST HOME meet against SwiMarin

The Touchpad meet for the June 24th meet HOME MEET against the SwiMarin Sharks is on our website.  All swimmers have been 'Committed' to the meet. If you need to Decline the Meet, Leave Notes, or would like to request strokes for your swimmer(s), please log into your account,  click on the  SwiMarin Touchpad meet, and Edit your commitment.   If you need assistance with this, please send an e-mail.   

The FINAL DEADLINE FOR RECORDING ENTRIES AND MEET DECLINES IS WEDNESDAY, June 21nd at 9:00am Please make your entries as soon as possible. For meet entry questions contact Liz Foley (

What is Champs All About Anyway?

Champs is the last meet of the season, July 8th this year.  It is the Marin Swim League equivalent of the World Championships or the Olympics as ALL ten teams come together to participate in one big swim meet that is as much about team pride as it is about determining which team has the fastest swimmers in each event.  Maximizing participation in this meet is our team goal.  Points are awarded through 16th place for individual events and through 10th place for relays so the dynamics of this meet are very different from the dual meets.  Every swimmer is important to their team.  The competition at this meet is as much about the commitment of the team as it is about the talent of the swimmers

Swim team is about swimmers supporting their team mates with their presence, putting forward their best effort to inspire others on the team to do the same, commitment to practices, the pride that comes from giving back to the team, and sticking the season through to the end. 

To be eligible to swim in the Championship meet, a swimmer must have swum in at least two dual meets. There are, however, no qualifying times.  EVERYONE CAN AND SHOULD SWIM IN THIS MEET!

Also please note that to be eligible for a coveted Tidalwaves' Waterdog T-shirt a swimmer must swim in all dual meets and Champs.  Additionally, age group high point trophy winners will be awarded based on points earned in all dual meets and Champs.