Summer Solstice

         CAST had a wonderful weekend (mostly) in the sun at last weekend’s Summer Solstice in Spokane. We had a great turnout for the meet, with 73 swimmers competing during the weekend. 4 team records fell, and CAST had lots of blue ribbon first place finishes! There were excellent performances all weekend long, and I apologize to those who I couldn’t fit in!

            Rachel Nicholls dropped 2 team records on the very first day of the meet, capturing the 8 and under girls’ 200 free and 200 IM records; she was a perfect 9 for 9 on best times on the weekend!! Riley Taylor got the ball rolling on Saturday with a team record in the 200 butterfly for 11-12 girls, and went 11 for 12 on her best times, never finishing lower than sixth-and she’s still only 11!! Our final record breaker was Lauren Stephens, who stepped up and time trialed the 200 fly, creating a new mark for the 9-10 girls age group. This is a young lady who does a great job of goal-setting and then going and getting what she wants!

            Jon Archer notched top 10 performer times in the 200 IM and 400 freestyle and had a pair of first places finishes to boot. Our other first place finishers were Sarah Nicholls (100 and 200 breast, 200 IM, and 100 fly), Emily Deitz (100 back), and Chang He (200 breast). Chang got out of his comfort zone this weekend, swimming the 400 IM, 400 free, and 200 fly, and had a spectacular anchor leg to secure victory in the 4x100 medley relay. I need to recognize our only college athlete who competed last weekend; Kyle Jones swam multiple events each day, even going a best time in his 100 breast and making the top performer list. It’s not often we get college swimmers back with the dedication to do the 400 IM and have a good attitude about it, but Kyle is setting the bar high and it’s certainly led to fantastic results for him both this weekend and during his college season!

            We had a couple of first timers at the meet; leading off the list is Logan Hanson, who swam 6 events long course at her very first meet, and looked awesome in all of them but was particularly impressive with her breaststrokes! Natalie Paterno swam 7 events and similarly is going to be a very special breaststroker as she already has a lot of the nuances of the stroke down cold! Maya Averill dominated her heats in both the 50 back and 100 free-she looked like an experienced pro in the freestyle. Lauren Lucky swam 2 events and did a very nice job racing in her 50 backstroke. All four of these young ladies were a joy to coach and we hope to see them at many more meets!

            Gabby Garasky hasn’t slowed down a bit since aging up this spring; she placed top 8 in all her events and dropped time nearly across the board!

Ryan Heick swam several challenging events, including the 800 and 400 freestyles for the first time; she has a real knack for mid-distance swimming, demonstrating excellent pacing and race acumen in both swims. Isaiah Hudlet dropped gobs of time in every event and placed top 8 in all but the butterflies; he continues to impress the coaches and his competition with his determination to beat everyone around him! Aren Kariotis continues his rise as one of the premiere sprinters in IES, with top 8 finishes in all the short events and a nice 8 second drop from May in his 200 fly. Speaking of premiere sprinters, Julia Pierce outraced several of our seniors in the sprint freestyle races-and this 13 year old is still on A squad! Wow!

            Alahna Lien powered her way to all best times except for one event; Alahna also tackled some longer races for the first time in the 400 and 800 freestyles, but she really shone in the 200 breast where she dropped 25 seconds and placed 7th. Paul Janke swam very well in just one day of action, going all best times and dropping nearly 30 seconds off his 100 breast from last year. Camryn Carr has been developing her race tempo in practice and it paid off with almost all best times and great races! Ada Christensen went all best times, including a stunning 25 second drop in her 100 free. Lance Emry really stood out in one day of action at his first Long Course meet, placing top 16 in all 4 of his races and setting very solid initial times! Wayne Cardwell had an excellent meet all around, and was our only B squadder to enter the 800 free. Louie de Tar had several time drops and managed to get in some short axis swims for the first time in a long time as well. Lanis Webb returned to swimming breaststroke after a forced absence, and went best times in all but one of his races including a really fast 30.25 50 freestyle. Luke Fredekind continues to impress with time drops all over the place; he’s really embraced the butterfly and dropped 7 seconds in his 100 from just a couple of weeks ago! Brady O’Quinn was a sprinting machine, and had a spectacular anchor leg of the boy’s 200 medley relay-this young man was born to do sprint freestyle! His sister April O’Quinn was perfect in her best-time quest, and dropped 13 seconds in her 50 breast from last summer!

            Rylie Rasmussen clobbered her top times all weekend-her smallest time drop was 5 seconds, her largest was 18! She also stepped up big time to lead off the “A” medley relay that placed second. Logan Robillard swam 12 individual events over the weekend, hit several best times, and came within a few seconds of a top performer time in the 400 free at the end of it all! Sara Kaitz also stepped out of her comfort zone, swimming the 400 IM, 400 free, and 800 free-although not her best events, Sara has recognized the importance of doing some “off” events to help pad her swim resume-and the best times help encourage that! Ben Linford dropped in all but one of his races, and was one our intrepid 200 flyers on Saturday-he also tackled the 800 free on Friday and placed 4th for the 11-12 boys! Both of his younger brothers experienced a lot of success as well-Zach LInford went 6 for 6 on best times, and Ethan LInford dropped 30 seconds off his 50 free-pretty good for coming off of a very long and intense illness this spring! Alyssa Michalk was another of our “100%” crew, dropping in all her events; Alyssa’s specialty is the longer swims, but she had a little more tempo and drive to her sprints this weekend too and found a new gear in those short races! Jace Voeller was the only C squadder to attempt both the 200 IM and 100 fly-Jace is a fearless swimmer with a wonderful attitude and because of that he has made a ton of progress in his short time swimming!

            Darcy Miller swam her first long course meet, and was not at all fazed-she really embraced breaststroke, swimming all 3 distances and giving great sprint effort even on the 200. Emorie Rasmussen also swam her first LC meet, and she sprinted her way through 9 events, including 200 IM and 200 breaststrokes! Henry Schmick went 7 for 9 on best times, and was a key contributor to a pair of relays. Cammy White came back to CAST after an extended absence, and this was the meet where I really noticed her speed has come back-Cammy’s 100 free and 100 breast both looked like a new swimmer!


Congrats to all who competed; be on the lookout in the next week for a championship meet breakdown!