The Hurricanes Herald - 2017 Issue 1

The Hurricanes Herald

2017 Issue 1

Welcome to Summer 2017!  School is winding down, the pools are warming up, and the Hurricanes swim team is busy preparing for another exciting season of competition.


We are delighted to have Chris Blankingship return as Head Coach.  Chris runs a tight ship at practice, making sure each swimmer is developing and in a position to compete to his/her potential, and also has lots of fun with the kids off the deck.  The Assistant Coach will be Brett Davey, a recent Hurricanes alumnus (and champion swimmer – check the Team Records board in the office).  Brett will be filling the shoes of his big sister Sydney, who is off saving the world.  Mike Lyons returns as Tropical Storms Coach, and we have a large group of enthusiastic teens who will be Junior Coaches.

Sarah Sites and Pat Tierno have volunteered to share the role of Team Representative and have been hard at work for months preparing for the season.  Please take a moment to thank them for their efforts if you haven't already done so.

NVSL Division

This year we will be in NVSL Division 14. 
The other teams in our Division are:
- Lake Braddock (whom we know well from many years in the same "B meet" league);
- Little Hunting Park (whom we know from many years at the Woodley Mini Meet);
- Long Branch (old‑timers may remember them from Division 11 in 2011);
- Rolling Hills;
- Ilda Community.
We are the #1 seed in the Division so we are expecting some VERY competitive meets. 
The team already has more swimmers registered than last season,
including a bumper crop of youngsters.


See the Meet Calendar for the schedule of NVSL meets, "B meets", and invitational events.
Some things to note:

  • The Team Reps in our "B meet" league have agreed that there will not be "B meets"
    on the Monday prior to the NVSL Division Individual Championships (known as "Divisionals").  We are holding that space on the calendar (July 24) for a possible team‑only event.
  • This year we will have only 4 "B meets".
  • We have Saturday morning NVSL meets and Monday night "B meets" at home in the second, third, and fourth weeks of the season.  (This is just the way the scheduling fell.) 
    We are fortunate to have six home meets, and to have them consecutively will make it easy for our Concessions volunteers to manage their inventory.


Speaking of volunteers … this year we have two new points of emphasis:

  • We are asking parents of 8‑and‑under swimmers to run the Hurricane Café (our Concessions area).  Pat will provide guidance before and after a meet but he needs to be on deck with Sarah during each meet.  We have plenty of young swimmers so those parents should be able to rotate shifts and ensure each parent can watch his/her kid/s swim.
  • We would like every position to have at least two qualified parents capable of stepping in when needed.  Mike Lyons will be coordinating volunteer assignments, and where appropriate will ask volunteers to "shadow" an experienced parent to learn a new position.

The Hurricanes have just as much fun out of the water as in the pool.  The Events section of the team website (log in to follow the link) shows all team events for the next few weeks, and email messages will be generated automatically in advance of each upcoming event.  One of our most popular events is a Pep Rally on the Friday night before each regular‑season Saturday meet; each family contributes to a feast (tacos and pasta are big hits, but watch for a "special" or two), and the coaches lead the kids in learning cheers and playing games.

We understand that some families will be unavailable for parts of the season.  Please complete a Swimmer Unavailability Form (available at the front desk) to let the coaches know the dates your kid/s will not be available for practice and meets, and similarly a Volunteer Unavailability Form for parents/guardians who typically work as meet officials.

New Parents/Guardians: Swim team can seem very busy and complicated.  On the team website see the 2017 Team Handbook and the Swim Meet Primer in the Documents section for lots of useful information about the team and meets.  Please don't hesitate to ask another parent or a coach if you have any questions, but please don't approach coaches while they are on the pool deck - they need to be 100% focused on keeping the kids safe.

This week's teaser:
What will Coach Chris and Coach Brett introduce to the meet warmup routine?