Our first home meet is this Saturday and I'd like to sure up a few additional volunteer positions. Please email me if you are interested in working one of the jobs listed below even if you have no clue what the job entails. 

We NEED volunteers in order for meets to run. Unless you are alone at the meet with small children, there should be an expectation to help the team at meets.
alt assistant scorer(1)
alt place judge (1)
Runners (2)
Timers ~(12)
Seek & Deploy ~3 
Below I have listed known volunteers and positions. I know John Rauch, Frank Hagerty, Ed Crabtree, Carl Giardinelli,and Edgar Valle timed for the last meet, but I need help remembering who also timed. The same applies to seek and deploy beyond Darlene, Tina, and Maria. Please let me know if you worked a job last meet so I can apply Kandle Kred. I have copy/pasted the gist of Kandle Kred from the March Update at the bottom. 


Scorer: Bev Storey
Assistant Scorer: Kimberly Kandle, Back-up needed
Computer: Tonya Maier
Place Judge: Jace Kandle, Back-up needed
Ribbons: Christine Harkins, Julie Graves, Michele Paleos
Runners: Carter Profico, 2 extra needed
Head Timer: Patrick Conner
12 Lane Timers needed
Seek and Deploy: Maria Fishbourne
Helpers: Darlene Curtis, Tina Fellona, Jen Bernstein
Photography: Tami Carr and Jennifer Misner
Announcer: Jay Kandle, back up needed
Additional helpers needed for seek and deploy
Starter/ Ref (and stroke/ turn) Qualified:
Wally Evans (Head Ref)
Gary Sigmund (Starter)
Patrick McGlinchey (Assistant Starter/ Heat Coodinator)
Justin Cristinziani (chief judge)
Scott Wyatt
Jace Kandle
Stroke and Turn ONLY:
Dom Profico
Laura Profico
Jennifer Misner
Ken Green
FUNctions: Jenifer Bernstein
Reminder of Kandle Kred program from March update:
"I've come up with the Kandle Kred incentive program to reward those parents and siblings that are out there just as much as the Officials and Organizers. Hopefully this will bring new volunteers into the fold as well.
When you work a job at a meet or FUNction, you will receive Kandle Kred. At the team banquet, we will have raffle baskets to place tickets into.
The prizes will be tiered: 1 Kandle Kred per ticket in first tier (max 2). 3 Kandle Kreds for Second Tier, and 5 Kandle Kreds for highest tier. If you work 5 meets, you would receive the following:
2-Tier 1 tickets, 1- Tier 2 ticket, and 1- Tier 3 ticket. 
Prizes: Free Swim Team Fees for 2018, 30% off 2018 membership/ swim team fees, and grand prize to be announced later."