Team News- A MUST READ!

Hello Team,

This last month has been very exciting and busy.  We have had a swim clinic, trained at two different pools, coached and trained with swimmers from KNIK, coordinated meetings with booster boards,  and had a brief pool closure.  We are grateful for the opportunity to work with everyone and look forward to the many swim seasons to come.  

The greatest bit of news is the team merger.  It is official.  We welcome KNIK swimmers and families to CAC.  We will continue to train at both Bartlett and Chugiak with the schedule posted.  Swimmers can train at either pool but we ask that you are consistent with your training and pool location.  Ask your coach if you need more information.  

Our swimming family just got bigger and so did our volunteer opportunities!  We will be updating as we move forward so stay tuned and please read upcoming emails. Our next meet is Long Course Champs and we need your help.

LONG COURSE CHAMPS is just around the corner.  Entry deadline is July 17th.  It is our goal to see as many of our swimmers participate in this meet to build both comaraderie and competitiveness.  Sign up today.  We will also need to fill approximately 32 volunteer jobs for summer champs.  You will be getting volunteer updates and emails but these positions are expected to be filled.  So please help out.

Our volunteer coordinators are Angela Heaphy at heaphy.angela@gmail.com and Sarah Horning at horningquad@gci.net.  Thank you Angela and Sarah.


We are excited for the team and the future ahead.  Don't hesitate to ask questions and or email Coach Anne or Coach Pat.  GO TEAM!