Tidalwaves Fall Swim Schedule Available on Website and Other Tidbits

Oh what an evening of fun last night!  Thank you to everyone who came and shared comraderie, food, and closure to the fantastic 2017 season!  Many, many thanks to Nicole Peters and our volunteer crew who really put heart and soul into making it a great evening for our swimmers and families.  

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

One more time, there are some really great photos on our Smug Mug gallery!  Thank you to Tracey Coombe for taking these photos, editing them, and uploading them for all of us to enjoy!  It's a great way for swimmers and families to continue to enjoy the season!

Fall Swim Schedule Available NOW on the Website

As we all prepare for the start of school and our Fall activities, we wanted to let you know about the Fall Swim opportunities available to the kids in our community.  As always, please feel free to forward the information on to your friends as we spread the word...and, um, you may want to mention what Fall swim families have noticed the past few years...the weather is actually better in the Fall than in the Spring!  Here's the info:

Award Pickup for Anyone Not at Awards Banquet

Just a reminder, this year, any trophies and gifts not picked up at last night's Awards Banquet will be available for pick up at Sonya DeForest's house (use the member search to find her address), from August 7th to 11th from 4pm-7pm.  If you would like to arrange a different pickup time you can e-mail Sonya at  All trophies not claimed will be returned to Crown Trophy for re-purposing.

And with that, I am going dark for awhile...Thanks Everyone!!