Irish Aquatics/Calvin Classic Meet Recaps!

2017 IA Summer Spectacular & Calvin Classic Meet Recaps

Last weekend SWAC once again competed at two separate meets.  Many of our athletes traveled to South Bend for the IA Summer Spectacular, while some of our older athletes were in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Calvin Summer Classic.  Our split squad weekend was made difficult by the fact that neither Coach Justin nor Coach Julie could attend either meet because of the IHSAA Moratorium week, but all of our attending athletes and coaches did a fantastic job representing SWAC in and out of the pool.  At the Irish meet in particular, Coach Kayla and Coach Sally received several compliments on how well behaved our swimmers were, so thank you/congrats to all that attended!


Swimmers of the Meet


Exploration II-Anna Poswinski

Anna has worked really hard this long course season to master all the skills that we have learned. In addition to being a hard worker, Anna is also a GREAT teammate always helping out and cheering everyone on without being asked. In addition to being a hard worker, a great teammate, Anna also dropped time in all of her events, and was 100% legal! Way to rock the Irish Aquatics meet Anna!


Green-Austin Henry

Austin has worked so hard this season to not only improve his times, but his strokes as well. His hard work and effort has really paid off. He also has gone into each new challenge with a positive attitude and willingness to work. He swam in new events at this meet, and was able to really reflect on what he thought he did well and what he still wants to work on. I’m so proud of all the work he’s done, and I’m excited to see where he will go from here. Congratulations, Austin!


Yellow-Lauren Harris

Lauren earned swimmer of the meet for many reasons.  The first is she is an extremely hard worker, often challenging herself in practice without being asked to do so.  Second, she has a great attitude every day and is always happy.  Third, she dropped in 100% of her events at Irish.  The fourth (and I'm sure I could continue to count!) reason is she was able to swim her first state cut in the 50 back. She is a great teammate and a joy to work with.... Congrats, Lauren!


Blue-Adrianna Germann

Adrianna had an outstanding meet at Irish Aquatics. She was able to have multiple best times during the meet. The highlight of her weekend was the 200 Butterfly. Her aggressive start to the race gave her an opportunity to have a fast competitive finish at the end.  This will be a huge asset for Adrianna at the Age Group State meet in a few short weeks.  Way to go Adrianna!


Senior-Michaela Godfrey

Michaela had a very strong weekend at the Calvin Classic, highlighted by 3 very strong performances in her Freestyle events.  In the 1500FR she dropped 72(!) seconds, in the 400FR she dropped 13 seconds, and in the 50FR she dropped 1.5 seconds (establishing a new, sub-30, lifetime best of 29.96, and also earning a spot on the ‘A’ relay for the Senior State Meet). Congrats, Michaela!


National Focus-Spencer Koehrn

Spencer was the only NFG athlete who made the trip to South Bend, and he did a fantastic job representing the group.  Since joining NFG, Spencer has been working on transitioning to a more mature athletic mindset, and a big part of that has been learning to value his long-term goals over short-term rewards, and recognizing that the situation doesn’t have to be perfect for him to have good swims.  Both of these concepts were on full display at the IA meet, as he was able to post some very solid swims, including 5 lifetime bests and a 7+ second time drop in the 200 fly, despite not being rested or “suited” for the competition.


100% Lifetime Bests

Calvin Classic Meet: Josh Kessler, Cameron Luarde, Macie Lindsay, Hailey Todd

Irish Aquatics Meet: Alex Birkle, Caroline Burns, Chloi Harper, Lauren Harris, Mia Herber, Bernardo Leal Sierra, Anna Poswinski, Jason Starodub, Justin Starodub, Ella Sackett


All-But-1 Lifetime Bests

Calvin Classic Meet: Brandon Wiggins

Irish Aquatics Meet: Jessica Birkle, Charlie Lang, Noah Welter


Top 10 Total Time Dropped

Calvin Classic

Michaela Godfrey -86.96 seconds

Yehyun Song -45.65 seconds

Brandon Wiggins -37.44 seconds

Mallory Lindsay -36.45 seconds

Josh Kessler -33.76 seconds

Cameron Luarde -17.90 seconds

Lily Kaiser -17.45 seconds

Macie Lindsay -9.53 seconds

Audrey Crowel -6.20 seconds

Hailey Todd -6.0 seconds

Irish Aquatics

Anna Denice -42.07 seconds

Noah Welter -35.75 seconds

Owen Sackett -33.44 seconds

Sierra Guadnola -30.08 seconds

Anna Poswinski -26.53 seconds

Owen Lindsay -26.41 seconds

Chloi Harper -26.15 seconds

Jason Starodub -21.16 seconds

Adrianna Germann -20.47 seconds

Logan Poswinski -16.62 seconds


SWAC Event Winners

Ruby Stumph (IA) 10 & Under Girls 50 Breast