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INFO: 2017 Northland Conference prelims Day 2


NOTE: Most of this is the very same from day one with exceptions. Its mostly copied and pasted. I am just trying to save you from searching for an email :-). 

Thank you everyone for a great first day of prelims! Thank you also for your patience during our little power outage. The grounds were left with no trash and swimmers did fantastic!

Warm ups tonight are at 5:05. Please be there by 4:45 and check in with a coach. 

IMPORTANT CONFERENCE INFO-Please see below. And if for any reason your swimmer cannot attend, PLEASE TEXT ME IMMEDIATELY at (816)786-3921. And if you have any questions at all, please text me. Swim fast Stingrays! 

 Thank you to our volunteers at conference and for food donation to our coaches. Below is the food link as a reminder.

CONFERENCE JOBS: Please see link below regarding all jobs as reference. Jennifer Schulz will be there at 4:45pm. Some jobs start at different times and are listed in the job description. Please if for any reason you will be late or cannot make it. Text Jen Schulz immediatley. 


You can text her as your method of check-in.

Monday text-Jennifer Schulz (816) 668-3143

Tuesday text-Jennifer Schulz (816) 668-3143

Wednesday text-Sandra Segers (314) 706-1972 

Here is the banquet link too:

Important notes regarding NCL Championship

This is in addition to the news sent previously "All things Northland Conference"

Warm ups Day 1-4:45-5:05pm. 
Warm ups Day 2-5:05-5:25pm.
Please check in with a coach to find out your lane for warm ups as soon as you get to the pool.

Set up is at 4pm AND NOT BEFORE. That includes coming early to set up your tent. It can't happen until 4pm.

Please leave nothing behind (incase you are there two days in a row). 

Please pick up all of the trash around you before you leave each night. 

If dropping your swimmer off at the Clerk of the Course, please just drop and leave your swimmer. We need to keep the entrance to the Clerk of the Course open at all times. We have to have a clear path to the bulkhead. 

Pool is not for free swim.  Lap swim inside the lane lines only. 

Relays are swam at the end of each night (Mon & Tues Medley relay only, and Wed freestyle relay for all ages).

No crashing  under the awning this year.

Hy Vee will be there for concessions (menu sent in a previous email).

Credit cards accepted for food and vendors.

Tuesday night is Senior Night.

Coach Relay is Wednesday Night.

Please look for our volunteer coordinators that night to check in and get your watches clipboards etc. If needed. 

Safety Marshalls please arrive at 4:45pm.

No suits may be worn with fasteners, ties or zippers (this will result in a DQ). 

There is a big list of No's (necessary evil and I am sorry)
No grills
No alcohol
No filming.  
No drones
No one behind the blocks 

If this is your first time attending championships....I promise its fun!!!!!!