2017 Lake Tahoe Summer Meet

2017 "Swimming at Altitude" Lake Tahoe Summer Meet

A special congratulations to all of our swimmers that participated at this year's Lake Tahoe Meet. 19 brave souls conquered the high altitude by racing their best over the weekend. The air was crisp, the sun shining, and the water placid -- making this a fantastic event, coupled with a traditional team picnic as well.

Here is a list of the DCD participants:

Garvin F., Lydia J.,  Andrew K., Madison L.,  Taylor L., Angus L.,  Janice L., Natalie L.,  Valerie L., Theresa L.,  Aaron N., Tyler N.,  Agnes Q., Elise Q.,  Calista S.M., Vladislav S.,  Jeslyn W., Allison Y., & Miya Y.

Way to go swimmers! Congrats on achieving high points. Whoo!

A special shout-out to all DCD families who helped organize this awesome event as well as families who volunteered their time to help keep the meet running. Another special thanks to Coach Kyle for attending and leading swimmers to victory!

We hope to participate at this meet again next year -- hopefully with a larger turnout.

See you in the mountains.

- DCD Coaching Staff