Sippy Woodhead?s Tips For SwimSwam Parents

 Sippy Woodhead’s Tips For SwimSwam Parents



I spoke with Sippy and discovered she has a great perspective as a swim parent. Here are some tips she shared:

Leave your kids alone. Let swimming be their thing as much as possible. Youre there to provide equipment and food and get out of the way. Swimmers put so much pressure on themselves,Sippy said. Its so much easier to be a parent than the swimmer. I dont mind going to meets, theres no pressure on me. I get to sit in my Tommy Bahama chair all day.

When Sippys kids were younger and their practices were an hour long, she could be found on deck watching practice. I was happy to sit at the pool and listen to the water. I love the sound of kids swimming, the splashing,she said.

I dont ask them how they feel. I dont ask them about their races. I dont ask them about practice. I dont ask about who they beat. I dont ask. If they want to talk about it, theyll talk about it. I dont debrief them. I think theyre pretty happy. I want them to be able to forget about swimming while they are home.”

She also explained that she doesn’t leave heat sheets around the kitchen or remind her kids that a meet is coming up. I never have given them time standards for meets. They know them, but Im not holding them up in front of them. They know how to look those things up. They know more than I think they do because theyve done it on their own.

Sippy talked about changes in the sport since she was a young swimmer. We did a lot more yardage. I swam with Chuck Riggs. We did a whole lot of swimming and not much race pace,she said. Also, I dont remember the parents being so wrapped around their kids. I honestly dont remember seeing my parents at a meet. I know they were there, but I dont think I ever communicated with them. It was more like a play date. I dont see that anymore. I see a lot more hovering and parents carrying towels, getting kids their heats and lanes. It didnt use to be that way.

I treat my kids the way I was treated. Swimming was my thing and I want this to be their thing. I dont want them to think Im taking credit. I dont want to hover and I dont want them to think that their swimming is because of me or something I did.

Sippy said she does a few things for her kids at meets. I give them their food bags and put $20 in them and leave them with the team. I check on their water bottles and refill them because I want to make sure theyre drinking, but they dont notice that I was even there. If I run into them on the deck Ill say something like, good job,but I dont hunt them down. I want them to be free. The most fun I had at meets was hanging out with my friends. You felt like your parents werent there. It was fun to be at meets, it wasnt stressful. I want them to have that same experience.