2017 SUMMER B CHAMPS MEET (Rio Rancho, NM)

This weekend NAC attended the Summer B Champs Meet. There was a great turnout of swimmers from various NM teams. Unlike most of our summer meets, this event was set up for short course, allowing a great range of events including 25Y events for our under 8 swimmers.

In attendance for NAC were the following swimmers: Natalie Apodaka-Morales (11), Aubrey Clokey (8), Lauren Clokey (10), Anya Holtgrewe (12), Eric Holtgrewe (9), Colette Lee (10), Jasper Lee (8), Lauren Patten (10), Elena Roth (5), Lucia Roth (8), Rinchin Rotto (10), Yangchen Rotto (13), Ruby Sallah (9), TJ Urayayi (10), and Eleanor Whalen (11). The swimmers displayed great efforts during their swims and did a great job supporting each other.  I can see the latest practice drill work is paying off in the pool.

Thank you to all the parents that attended and helped out as volunteers and/or the cheer squad! A big thank you to our officials - Joan Shankin, Janet Fludzinski and Pawel Fludzinski- who showed up to help even though none of their swimmers were in attendance. Thanks to Coach Miguel and Michael Osborn for holding down the coaching corner.

Good luck to all our NAC swimmers bound for the STATE Championships next weekend! Go NAC, GO!



All events were timed finals.

Individual and Relay Events: Custom ribbons were awarded for 1st through 8th place.

There was no Individual or Team High Point awarded at this meet. 


Swimmers with “TOP 8” Finishes

Natalia Apodaka-Morales

1st – 50Y Back

1st – 100Y Free

1st – 200Y Back

2nd – 50Y Free

2nd – 100Y Fly

2nd – 100Y IM

3rd – 200Y IM

4th – 100Y Breast


Aubrey Clokey (8)

4th – 25Y Breast

5th – 50Y Breast

7th – 25Y Free


Lauren Clokey (10)

1st – 50Y Back

1st – 50Y Fly

1st – 100Y Back

1st – 100Y Breast

1st – 100Y IM

3rd – 100Y Free

3rd – 100Y Fly

3rd – 200Y Free


Anya Holtgrewe (12)

8th – 100Y Back


Eric Holtgrewe (9)

3rd – 100Y Fly

4th – 50Y Fly

7th – 100Y Breast


Colette Lee (10)

7th – 200Y Free


Jasper Lee (8)

5th - 25Y Breast

5th - 50Y Breast

7th - 100Y Free

7th - 50Y Back

8th – 25Y Free


Lauren Patten (10)

6th – 100Y Back


Lucia Roth (8)

2nd – 25Y Breast

2nd – 25Y Back

2nd – 100Y Free

4th – 25Y Fly


Richen Rotto (10)

2nd – 50Y Breast

7th – 50Y Back


Yangchen Rotto (13)

3rd – 50Y Free

3rd – 200Y Free

5th – 50Y Back

6th – 100Y IM


Ruby Sallah (9)

1st – 50Y Breast

5th – 100Y Back

7th – 100Y Breast


Eleanor Whalen (11)

3rd – 50Y Breast

5th – 50Y Free

6th – 50Y Back