Hello MO-gicians!

It's was such a pleasure to see all the tired but content faces this afternoon at the banquet. What a perfect way to wrap up a great season! Congrats to everyone for having a wonderful swim/dive season, and thanks to all of you who contribute in so many ways to make it happen for our kids! 

I promised an email today, here it is. After your family has had time to absorb and reflect, or perhaps sooner while the Maple Bluff All City experience is fresh in your minds, please take a moment to respond to this email. If you can be specific, that would be helpful!

First, what did you notice that left a positive impression with you? What things did MB do really well?

Second, what ideas did you have as you experienced this year's All City meet? What are the things that you would like to see Monona do next year?

There is no right or wrong answer here; we would really like to hear your ideas!! 

Third, in what ways are you most interested in volunteering for Monona All City 2018? Some examples areas are: timing, clerk of course, concessions, apparel, zero waste, ticket sales, hospitalityhealth/safety, grounds crew, parking, traffic, meet marshall, awards, runners, scoringdecorations, set up/take down,     volunteer check-in, and wayfinding & signs


Finally, is there a place of employment, relative, friend that you think has a resource we could tap into for this event? In what way do you think they could help us?


Thanks again for taking a moment to share your thoughts and ideas with us! Have a terrific rest of the summer!


~Anne Saloma