Just what kind of title for this news article is that Scott?  I know you're probably thinking that all of the time that I've spent in the chlorine has officially made me crazy.... hardly!  Here goes the explanation:

At the 12&Under Wisconsin LC State Meet this last weekend at Schroeder we had:

  • 5 Swimmers
  • 29 Individual Swims between those 5 swimmers
  • 27 of those 29 swims were personal best times (Improvement Report Here)
  • 13 New Team Records were set (45% of our swims were TEAM RECORDS!)
  • 10 New Zone Cuts were achieved
  • 1 New State Champion!  Miss Avery Miles In The 50 Free!  With A Time of 31.10
  • ALL of our swimmers scored points in the meet
  • 182 Total points scored... placing The Stateline Aquatic Team 21st out of 44 teams!
  • ! Unbelievable

I knew these 5 were going to have a successful meet; I boasted as much to a few people before we left.  However, I am still completely shocked by the totally impressive performances by each and everyone of these swimmers last weekend.  They certainly reaped the rewards of their hard work and dedication this summer.

Avery Miles

STATE CHAMPION!  That's right - STATE CHAMPION in the 10&Under Girls 50 Freestyle!  She dropped 2.60 seconds off her best time to clock a 31.10 to beat the runner up by over .3 seconds... in the 50 that's a lot!  Avery is the first State Champion during my tenure as head coach (I am sure the program has had other State Champions, but am not sure).  In addition to winning the 50 FR Avery made the podium in the 100 Free and 200 Free taking 4th place in both.  She also achieved Zone Cuts and set Team Records in the 50, 100 & 200 Free as well as the 50 Fly.  Great job Avery.  Avery, your attention to technique improvement and hard work has paid off!  Congratulations on your Championship!

Cale Miles

Cale, like twin sister Avery, had an amazing swim meet.  Not sure if it's sibling rivalry or what - but Cale told me before his first swim that he was going to get a Zone Cut.  I thought it was a good thought and goal - but, might be a bit of a stretch - it would require an almost 3 second time drop (almost 10%)... and that's a tall order for any swimmer.  Well, sure enough, he blasted that 50 Breast, dropped 3.18 seconds, took 4th place, set a new team record and got his first Zone Cut.  And from that swim on, it was more of the same for Cale.  He made the podium in the 50 (4th) & 100 (5th) Breast, 200 IM (3rd) and the 100 Free (5th).  Set team records in the 50 & 100 Breast, 50 Free (Sorry Jack Kitzman) and the 200 IM.  And Cale also got his Zone Cuts in the 50 & 100 Breast.  Super meet Cale - keep up the good work!

Gracie Colvin

Gracie came into the meet with a couple Zone Cuts under her belt already.  Irregardless, she wanted to get a couple more Zone Cuts and to improve her seed times for this weekend's Zone Meet.  Of the 6 times that she hit the water this weekend, she got 4 Zone Cuts in the 50 &100 Free as well as the 50 Back and 50 Fly.  In addition to those Zone Cuts, she also set 5 new Team Records!  She established new marks in the 50 & 100 Free, 100 Back and the 50 & 100 Fly.  She made the podium in her last swim of the weekend, the 50 Fly, taking 5th overall!  This group of 11&12 year old girls in Wisconsin is very, very competitive to say the least - and Gracie hung right in with all of the top swimmers all weekend.  Gracie is proof that thinking big and working hard pays off!

Jack Kitzman

Jack had a very good meet.  He had best times in everything but his 400 Free.  In that, he was just off 2 seconds.  He was able to bounc back after some personal dissappointment in not making a Zone Cut in the first event of the weekend, the 50 Free.  His 800 Free on Saturday was perhaps his most impressive swim.  He dropped 51.54 seconds.... yes, almost a minute, to set a new team record (sorry Camdem Leonard) and take 10th place overall.

Jeremy Mueller

Last, but certainly not least (alphabetical order by first name if you haven't noticed), we have Jeremy Mueller.  Jeremy had 5 Individual swims and notched personal bests in 4 of the 5.  Like Jack, he was just off in the 400 Free.  Jeremy's highest finish was 12th place in the 100 Fly.  He has done a great job this summer of working on and improving his technique, not only in Fly, but all the strokes.  Keep up the good work Jeremy - your attention to detail is showing in your results.

If I sounds like I am gushing and bragging on these athletes too much - that's the point!  They've worked hard and have earned it!  Next time you see these kids give them a fist bump or a pat on the back as well.

Coming up this weekend we have Camden Leonard and Jalen Stimes back at Schroeder for 13&Over State.  Meanwhile, we have Avery and Cale Miles along with Gravie Colvin swimming for Team Wisconsin at the Rec Plex for the Central Zone Championship Meet!  Best of Luck to all of our swimmers competing this weekend.