Swordfish presence felt at the 2017 Summer Junior Olympics


Our very own Swordfish Swim Team showcased their hard work at the 2017 Summer Jr. Olympics held at the Janet Evans Swim Complex on July 26 -30. With only 13 individual swimmers and 2 relays; our swim team was able to rank 15 overall team out of 41 scoring swim teams in SCS; outscoring other swim teams with double the amount of swimmers.

Some of the key highlights during those 5 days:

    -Elyse Baker: finished 13th in the 800 FREE; 10th in the 1500 FREE

    -Eli Bertel: dropped almost 5 seconds in the 200 BK; 3 seconds in his 200 FREE and 100 BK

    -Emma Bertel: finished 7th in the 100 FREE; made Top 16 in all of her 6 events and dropped about 18 seconds on her 400 FREE.

    -Leah Johnson: dropping in the 1500 FREE; winning the event and gaining another 2017 FUTURE time cut

    -Kevin Lee: perfect 6 out of 6 GOLD MEDAL SWIMS; winning all his events and achieving best time 5 events.

    -Aaron Lee: first JO’s; dropped a total of 4 seconds on his 200 FREE.

    -Makayla Novak: dropped a total of 2 seconds on her 100 FLY; also a member of the 11-12 Girls Relays.

    -Ryan Novak: recently aged up to the 11-12 boys division; he made Top 16 in 3 events; achieving 8th in the 200 FREE.

    -Ashley Slaton-Ramos: winning the 13-14 Girls 1500 FREE and made finals in all of her events with all new personal best times.

    -Heaven Steele: finished 11th in the 800 FREE and 7th in the 1500 FREE.

    -Stephanie Su: won the 800 FREE by over 20 seconds

    -Carter Kirkpatrick: improved his 1500 FREE time by 3 seconds & acheive a new 800 FREE time.

    -Sarah Tran: placed 3rd in the 50 FREE; earning a SECTIONAL CUT.

    -Kelsey Paguyo & Caitlyn Tran: both swam relays with Emma Bertel & Makayla Novak to help score points for our team. They finished 10th in the 400 FREE RELAY and 13th in the 200 MEDLEY RELAY.

We want to wish GOOD LUCK to two of our swimmers: LEAH JOHNSON will be competing at the 2017 FUTURES SWIM CHAMPIONSHIPS held at Santa Clara & STEPHANIE SU will be competing at the 2017 US OPEN & Summer JR. Nationals held in New York! Swim fast & way to represent SWORDFISH SWIM TEAM!