US Junior Olympic Result


Congratulations to all our age group teams, on their fabulous achievements at US Junior Olympic Championships! 

The 12 & under team ranked 20th out of 29 teams, 12 & under duet by Audrey Kwon and Valeria Polyakova ranked 18th out 47 competitors, and 12 & under solo by Audrey Kwon ranked 21th out of 31 competitors.

Figure rank: Audrey Kwon 58th, Valeria Polyakova 106th, Katherine Solovyov 134th, Haley Ednie 166th, Aya Psichos 182nd, Margaret Zhu 215th, Karen Wang 223rd out 228 AG 12 & under athletes.


The 13-15 team ranked 23nd out of 37 teams, and 13-15 Duet by Keana Hunter and Elizaveta Polyakova ranked 12th out of 48 competitors.

Figure rank: Keana Hunter 18th, Elizaveta Polyakova 49th, Alicia Wu 190th, Irene Pak 213rd, Hannah Trinh 233rd, Sophia Fang 243rd, Hana Ito-Ibrahim 251st, Reka Hollodi 284th out of 359 AG 13-15 athletes.


The 16-17 solo by Grace Zhang ranked 25nd out of 31 competitors, and her figure ranked 83rd out of 212 AG 16-17 athletes.


The 18-19 team finished 4th in final out of 24 teams, 18-19 duet by Lilly Cao and Shanaya Satterfield received gold medal, and duet by Grace Chen and Ivy Huang ranked 8th out of 19 competitors.

Figure rank: Lilly Cao 2nd, Shanaya Satterfield 5th, Elizaveta Polyakova 21st, Keana Hunter 24th, Meili Hobson 29th, Grace Chen 30th, Natalie Korolenko 41st, Ivy Huang 85th out of 154 AG 18-19 athletes.


Specially congratulations to those who participated at national level for the first time and got inspiring experience.