Extra June Board Meeting

VSAI Extra June Board Meeting

Attended by Board Members Sheri Wallace, Adrienne Eckstein, Sarah Figarola, Jodi Ryder, Kathy Juve, Sara Harris, Rock Fields, Coach Mixon


Yolanda Eslinger attended


Warner Tully Team Building Trip will be July 27 or 28. Price will be no more than $20 per swimmer and will include ropes course, zip line, archery and swimming.


Coach Mixon will receive an additional two weeks off for the arrival of Baby Mixon. Jeff Eckstein has offered to help run the morning practice while Coach is out. Baby Mixon is scheduled to arrive November 6.


Team Banquet will be discussed next meeting.


Zones are August 1-5, Tommy Martin has qualified.


Rebecca is attending an upcoming stroke, start and turn seminar in Memphis.


Team roster was discussed along with updating pod standards, meet and practice attendance