Its all about the Little Wins!!!


Great little reminders as we are gearing up for a new season!!!

Little Wins.

Success, whether that means we are going to the Olympics, qualifying for state, getting that scholarship, isn’t all that dramatic.

Sure, the moment it happens may be dramatic as we release all the pent-up excitement and pressure, but the road there is actually kind of boring.
And it’s paved with hundreds, if not thousands of Little Wins.
What’s a Little Win?
It’s those small decisions you make in practice to be a little bit better.
It’s showing up every day and winning the little battles…
It’s pushing yourself on the last rep of the main set.
It’s pushing yourself on the first rep of the main set.
It’s keeping a tight streamline for the whole workout.
It’s doing every flip turn with speed and intention.
It’s staying after practice and doing an extra ten minutes of kicking.
It’s choosing to focus on kicking from your hips, and not your knees, for the kick set.
Little Wins is a hard concept for some swimmers to understand…
After all, a Little Win doesn’t feel very substantial on its own.
And certainly not nearly as dramatic as the Big Win we dream about at night.
But success—whatever it means to you—isn’t all that dramatic.
In fact, it’s kinda boring.
What will you win today?
The main set?
The breathing pattern?
Not breathing in and out of the walls?
Touching your heels at the end of each breaststroke kick?
Darting in and out of every single one of your turns?
That big greasy dream of yours? That gold medal? That record?
It starts with choosing a path full of Little Wins.
See you at the pool,
P.S. There are two benefits to Little Wins…
(1) You get faster by improving bit-by-bit…
(2) And with each little win you get zapped with a current of motivation that keeps you coming back for more.
Seeing our inventory of Little Wins grow and develop over time will keep you inspired and motivated to show up on those days where you are tired, sore, and feeling not-so-motivated.
And tracking and measuring these Little Wins, giving you a history and record of your successes in the water can help keep the flame of motivation burning strong.