Attention High School Swimmers!! 2017-2018

Dear High School Swimmers... Never too late to join in this effort!!! SIGNUP for High School Swimmers gaining experience and community service hours for their high school PROJECT 0 SIGN UP OPPORTUNITIES
Thank you so much for coming to our Project Zero meeting. You are all so special to me and in joining me in this mission you will be saving lives. Below, Bonnie will have additional notes that need immediate attention :)

  • Drowning is a horrific event, which is totally preventable. Studies show that education and swim lessons deter this ever happening. Besides being life saving, swimming is an activity that one can do for a lifetime!
  • You are all skilled swimmers who with your knowledge can help spread the word! In Texas in 2016 there were 106 CHILD drownings. This year they are already at 60.
  • In kansas and missouri, there are approximately 35 drownings yearly and many more serious water accidents.

Our mission is to educate and help make a difference in our community. I can not think of any swimmers on our team more helpful than you all!
Thanks for joining me in Project Zero!
Coach Mary Jo Klier

Hello ... Parents please help me confirm the High School Swimmer's email addresses and have your swimmer download GroupME app!! We have a couple of participants that don't have this app and I need their cell phone numbers, too, so I can add them to the groupme once they download the app!

  • Max and Lex Nietling... Please email me their email addresses
  • Theo and George Kupper ... I need their cell numbers and them to download GroupMe
  • Sasha Malik ... Please email me her email address
  • Lydia Underwood ... Please email me her email address
  • Emma, Mike, Cate, Gwen, Cassie, Kathleen - Look for the email tomorrow and if you don't receive, let me know ASAP

It's never too late to participate as a Project 0 Coach with KCSA ... Please email me so we can get the High Schoolers up to speed ... Attached is the information for this unique program.

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