GAEL Conference Championships Highlights

Congratulations to all of GAEL Swimmers who were finalists for their various summer clubs at WCSC Conference Championships

Great swims, fast times and very much to look forward to heading into the new season.


8&U Boys 25 Free

Mac Bach-15th


Girls 10&U 50 Free

Lucianna Gutierrez-9th


Boys 10&U 50 Free

Robbie Showers-14th


Boys 12&U 50 Free

James Galligan-7th


Girls 14&U 100 Free

Danielle Eforo-10th


Boys 14&U 100 Free

Timmy Norris-5th


Girls 17&U 100 Free

Kayla Shannon-7th


Boys 17&U 100 Free

Mike Kincheloe-6th

Tim Bergamini-12th

Liam McPhillips-14th


Girls 8&U 25 Back

Sophia Gutierrez-4th


Girls 10&U 50 Back

Lucianna Gutierrez-4th


Boys 10&U 50 Back

Danny Lezi-9th

Justin Cohen-11th

Robbie Showers-12th

Jack McKemey-16th


Boys 12&U 50 Back

James Galligan-5th


Girls 14&U 100 Back

Danielle Eforo-15th


Boys 14&U 100 Back

Timmy Norris-5th
Michael Cohen-13th

Hayden Ehrenfeld-16th


Girls 17&U 100 Back

Kayla Shannon-3rd

Alexandra DeStaebler-11th


Boys 17&U 100 Back

Liam McPhillips-9th

Chris Epes-12th


Girls 10&U 50 Breast

Caroline Bach-15th


Boys 10&U 50 Breast

Danny Lezi-8th

Justin Cohen-12th


Girls 12&U 50 Breast

Brennan Hickey-15th


Girls 14&U 100 Breast

Molly McCauley-14th


Boys 14&U 100 Breast

Timmy Norris-5th

Jon Carsen-12th

Hayden Ehrenfeld-14th


Girls 17&U 100 Breast

Bridget Deverna-12th

Sophie Johanson-16th


Boys 17&U 100 Breast

Liam McPhillips-10th


Boys 8&U 25 Fly

Mac Bach-12th


Boys 10&U 50 Fly

Danny Lezi-7th

Ryan Carsen-14th

Girls 12&U 50 Fly

Sophia Colasacco-7th

Julia Gunster-14th


Boys 12&U 50 Fly

James Galligan-12th


Girls 14&U 100 Fly

Danielle Eforo-11th


Boys 14&U 100 Fly

Jon Carsen-14th

Michael Cohen-15th


Girls 17&U 100 Fly

Kayla Shannon-6th


Relay Finalists


Sophia Gutierrez

Mary Fontanella

Courtney Gilmartin

Mac Bach

Jack McKemey

Robbie Showers

Justin Cohen

Ryan Carsen
Danny Lezi

Brandon Derogatis

Sophia Colasacco

Julia Gunster

Molly McCauley

Alexandra Fumo

Kali Swift

Brennan Hickey

James Galligan

Jon Carsen

Michael Cohen

Bridget Deverna

Kayla Shannon

Alex DeStaebler

Danielle Eforo

Sophie Johanson

Christina Colucci

Tim Bergamini

Timmy Norris

Chris Epes

Ryan Garvey

Mike Kincheloe