Junior Olympic Recap

2017 Junior Olympic Recap


July 26-30 RAA hosted the 2017 Summer Junior Olympics and had 59 swimmers represent our team. It was a great meet with numerous best times and dozens of swimmers placing in finals. The meet had over 1250 swimmers and 40 teams, the women finished 4th, the men finished 7th and combined RAA was 4th !!!


A big thanks to all the parents for their help!!!


Congratulations to all of the swimmers who represented RAA!


Below is a list of individual and relay finalists.


Javier Bernal          400 IM 2nd , 200 IM 8th

Hedy Bian               100 Breast 3rd, 200 IM 15th, 200 Breast 5th

Jesie Castaneda    50 Breast 10th

Jamie Cechini         200 Back 4th, 200 Free 15th, 400 Free 11th, 50 Free 6th

Quincy Cechini      200 Back 4th, 100 Free 12th, 400 Free 10th, 200 IM 9th, 100 Back 3rd

Jacob Delizo          200 Fly 11th, 400 Free 13th

Josh Delizo             200 Fly 10th, 100 Fly 7th

Elicia Dowell          50 Breast 9th, 100 Breast 12th, 50 Back 14th

Amber Harris         200 Fly 3rd (Sectional Time!) 100 Fly 16th, 1500 Free 15th

Yousef Hassen      100 Free 2nd, 200 Free 5th, 50 Free 2nd

Emilio Hernandez            50 Fly 15th , 100 Breast 16th

Aleena Herrera      100 Fly 12th, 100 Free 10th, 200 Free 9th, 400 Free 3rd, 200 IM 9th, 100 Breast 9th,

Sam Hornaday      800 Free 13th, 400 Free 12th

Kennedy McPhail 50 Free 12th

Aidan Mojica          400 IM 11th

Asia Okada              200 Breast 14th

Kevin Sapozhkov 100 Back 6th, 50 Back 7th

Leah Thomas         100 Free 8th, 400 Free 11th

Molly Thornton    100 Breast 15th, 200 Breast 16th

Lavi Vaipulu           100 Free 6th, 50 Breast 1st, 50 Fly 11th, 100 Breast 2nd, 50 Free 1st

Devin Varner          400 Free 13th

Peyton Varner       100 Free 7th, 200 Free 10th, 400 Free 13th, 50 Free 13th

Maria Villagomez 50 Free 16th

Samuel Xu              400 IM 10th



Girls 5-10 200 Free Relay 13th

Viviana Perez, Lucy Bilhartz, Presley McPhail, Alyssa Bian


Girls 11-12 400 Free Relay

4th – Aleena Herrera, Kennedy McPhail, Devin Varner, Lavi Vaipulu

10th – Elicia Dowell, Jesie Castaneda, Maria Villagomez, Bronte Neal


Girls 11-12 200 Medley Relay, 400 Medley Relay

3rd,3rd – Elicia Dowell, Lavi Vaipulu, Aleena Herrera, Kennedy McPhail

11th, 13th – Jesie Castaneda, Maria Villagomez, Devin Varner, Bronte Neal


Girls 11-12 200 Free Relay

2nd – Lavi Vaipulu, Kennedy McPhail, Maria Villagomez, Aleena Herrera

10th Elicia Dowell, Jesie Castaneda, Devin Varner, Bronte Neal


Boys 11-12 400 Free Relay 11th , 200 Medley relay 12th ,

200 Free Relay 10th , 400 Medley Relay 10th

Kareem Hassen, Kevin Sapozhkov, Bradley Truong,Sky Wang


Girls 13-14 400 Free Relay

6th- Jamie Cechini, Hedy Bian, Delaney O’Brien, Ivana Bilaver

13th – Amber Harris, Asia Okada, Sydney Samuel, Pilar Lara


Girls 13-14 200 Medley Relay, 400 Medley Relay, 800 Free Relay

4th, 3rd, 3rd – Jamie Cechini, Hedy Bian, Amber Harris, Ivana Bilaver

10th, 11th – Pilar Lara, Asia Okada, Taylor Durham, Delaney O’Brien


Girls 13-14 200 Free Relay

5th – Ivana Bilaver, Hedy Bian, Pilar Lara, Jamie Cechini

12th – Delaney O’Brian, Asia Okada, Amber Harris, Sydeny Samuel


Boys 13-14 400 Free Relay 12th, 200 Medley relay 8th,

200 Free Relay 10th,

800 Free Relay 12th , 400 Medley Relay 14th

Josh Delizo, Micah Manookian, Juan Ladinez, Josiah Anich


Girls 15-18 400 Free Relay 5th , 200 Medley Relay 6th, 200 Free Relay 7th,

800 Free Relay 6th , 400 Medley Relay 7th

Quincy Cechini, Peyton Varner, Molly Thornton, Leah Thomas


Boys 15-18 400 Free Relay

2nd – Ben Wolf, Yousef Hassen, Aidan Mojica, Sam Hornaday

11th – Jacob Delizo, Mathias Scarano, Samuel Xu, Matt Holland


Boys 15-18 200 Medley Relay, 400 Medley Relay

5th, 7th – Matt Holland, Samuel Xu, Jacob Delizo, Yousef Hassen,

14th – Aidan Mojica, Sam Hornaday, Mathias Scarano, Angel Villagomez


Boys 15-18 200 Free Relay

3rd – Ben Wolf, Yousef Hassen, Matt Holland, Sam Hornaday

13th – Aidan Mojica, Jacob Delizo, Samuel Xu, Mathias Scarano


Boys 15-18 800 Free Relay

4th – Sam Hornaday, Yousef Hassen, Jacob Delizo, Aidan Mojica