What a great and awesome Long Course Season we had! Our NAC Otter swimmers improved SO much this summer! Great practice attendance, effort and good old fashioned work really paid off with a fantastic season! Thank you swimmers and parents for all you did to make this the best season we have ever had! 

Here is a short recap of the last two meets we swam in and some notable performances:


New Mexico State Meet "Best in NM"! 

We had 14 swimmers attend the State Meet in Farmington three weeks ago. The NAC Otter Team placed fourth overall against 18 Teams! Compared to NM Teams with less than 120 members we came in FIRST in both boys and girls! Compared to the other two Santa Fe Teams combined we had 165.5 points to their 17 points. 

We had three NAC swimmers score High Point Awards! Aksel Boukhalfa (10), Nico Roth (12) and Sophia Corder (12)! Great swims! Of Note, Ethan Manske (13) made the cut for the Western Zone Championship meet in the 800 Free. He also went all "Iron Man" on us and swam the 200 FLY three times at State!


50 Plus Points Scored and High Point Winners

Aksel Boukalfa (10) – 53 points

Sophia Corder (12) – 52 points

Nico Roth (12) – 51 points


Top 5 Finishers

Aksel Boukalfa (10)

1st – 200M IM

1st – 200M Free

2nd – 50M Back

2nd – 50M Fly

2nd – 100M Free

2nd – 100M Breast

2nd – 100M Back


Isabella Corder (13)

2nd – 100M Back

2nd – 200M Free

2nd – 400M Free

3rd – 200M Back

5th – 200M Breast


Sophia Corder (12)

1st – 50M Fly

1st – 100M Fly

2nd – 50M Free

2nd – 50M Breast

2nd – 100M Free

2nd – 200M IM

3rd – 100M Back


Jasmine DeLeon (16)

3rd – 200M IM

3rd – 400 IM

4th – 800M Free


Chelsea Griscom (14)

2nd – 50M Breast

3rd – 100M Breast

4th – 200M Breast


Payton Jones (12)

5th – 50M Back

5th – 50M Fly

5th – 100M Free


Ethan Manske (13)

2nd – 200M Fly

3rd – 100M Fly

3rd – 800M Free

4th – 200M Back


Bradley Moffett (17)

5th- 50M Back

5th – 100M Back

5th – 200M Back

5th – 200M IM


Viveka Narayanan (10)

2nd – 100M Fly

4th – 50M Fly

4th - 200IM


Nico Roth (12)

1st – 200M Free

1st - 400M Free

2nd – 50M Fly

2nd – 100M Free

2nd – 200M Back

2nd – 200M IM

4th – 50M Free


Sophia Snyder (14)

4th – 50M Free

5th – 50M Back


Western Zone Championship "Best in the West"! 

Seven NAC Swimmers out of 48 total NM swimmers qualified for this super fast and very competitive meet in Sacramento California last week. Team NM placed 9th out of 26 Teams! The "Best Swimmers in the West" were on hand and Team NM and our own NAC swimmers did not disappoint at all!

NAC swimmers were: Aksel Boukhalfa (10), Sophia Corder (12)Chelsea Griscom (14) Ethan Manske (13), Michael Osborn (14), Nico Roth (12) and Sophia Snyder (14). We all had a great time and our kids swam super fast!

Michael Osborn (14) and Nico Roth (12) had some exceptional swims. Nico placed 11th in the 400 IM and swam the 45th fastest time this year in that event in the Western US! Michael placed 6th in the 1500 FREE and he swam the 19th fastest time this year in the Western US! Top 200 Performances in the United State for both of our swimmers! 

Michael Osborn (14) and Sophia Snyder (14) also earned several Sectionals Cuts and hopefully will be swimming Short Course Sectionals in the Spring in Wisconsin! 

Great job to all!