Fall and Winter Meet Schedule

The 2017-2018 Fall and Winter Meet Schedule is now posted on the Barracuda website.  This is also referred to as the "Short Course Schedule" because most meets are swum in the shorter 25-yard or 25-meter pool.  For quick link to a pdf file of the schedule, click HERE.

While going to meets is not mandatory, the coaches encourage swimmers to participate for several reasons:
  1. It gives coaches a great opportunity to see how much of what we have been teaching and training is actually being utilized.
  2. It allows the swimmers to expand their comfort zones and challenge themselves either against their own previous performances or with new events.
  3. It's FUN!  Swimmers only spend a very short time actually swimming (The shorter the better as far as the coaches are concerned!)  In between, they bond with their teammates over games, talk, or just being goofy.  Many long-lasting friendships have developed on the pool deck.

The meet schedule is designed to give swimmers of every level opportunities to race and evaluate their progress, while not overburdening families with many, many weekends of travel. On an average, there is one meet per month for each level of swimmer.

Recommendations as to which practice group(s) should consider which meets are listed.  However, if a swimmer is unsure whether he/she should sign up for a meet, talk with the coach. For novice swimmers, either you or the coach may initiate the conversation as to when a swimmer is ready for their first meet.

Parents, if you notice we are hosting four meets this season.  It takes a whole team to make these meets successful for not just our swimmers, but for our club and our guests.  Our hosted swim meets are a major source of revenue for our team. Hosting good quality meets draw other teams to Kingsport and Johnson City to swim. These visiting swimmers pay entry fees to our club, generating income for us.  The Barracudas have gained a reputation of putting on well-run meets that are swimmer- and family-friendly.  Please do your part by contributing your time and talents.

Let's all have a great season!
Go Barracudas!!

Coach Chris