Smith's Community Rewards

OA is enrolled in the Smith's Community Rewards Program. When families tie their account to OA, the team receives rewards $s from Smith's on a quarterly basis. Please consider registering OA as the benefactor on your Smith's account.  Enrollment is simple: just register online at www.smithscommunityrewards.com and use the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) number 95625. Detailed enrollment instructions can be found at the following link (www.smithscommunityrewards.com). 

If you use your phone number at the register for your rewards account, please call 800 576 4377 & select option 3 to get your Smith's rewards card number in order to link OA in your account . 

If you do not have a Smith's rewards card/ account, please consider obtaining a card/ account at the customer service desk at any Smith's.