Sharks Team Partners

What is a "Sharks Pass" and who needs one?

  1. Anyone that wants to swim for the WTRC Sharks is now required to have a "Sharks Pass".
  2. Anyone with an existing "Family" or "Individual Pass", these are still valid thru the expiration date but no longer pertain to the Sharks.  
  3. If you recently purchased a "Family" or "Individual" pass from the Rec Center, in preparation for the new swim season, please speak with the front desk about a refund.
  4. Parents do not need a "Sharks Pass"...only swimmers.
  5. New Swimmers do not need a "Sharks Pass" to attend Try-Outs (Sept 5-7th 530-630pm)
  6. You do not have to pay the front desk at the Rec Center for a Sharks Pass.
  7. ALL SWIMMERS should get a "Sharks Pass" at or before your first scheduled practice, even if you'd like to wait to the end of the '"Free Trial" week (Sept 11-17th) you should still get a "Sharks Pass" for liability purposes (It only takes 5 minutes at the front desk).
  8. You can stop by the Rec Center anytime during normal business hours to pick up your "Sharks Pass".
  9. Returning swimmers who participated in Long-Course Season (June-Aug) can go ahead and pay for the "Sharks Pass" thru online registration. ALL NEW SWIMMERS and also RETURNING SWIMMERS that did not participate in Long-Course Season must first attend a "Try-Out" (Sept 5-7th 530-630pm) for proper group placement. After "Try-Outs" if you wish to continue to swim with the Sharks past the "Free Trial" week (Sept 11-17th) you will need to register and pay for the "Sharks Pass" on our website by Sept 18th.